This Week… Happiness & Loneliness!


Once upon a time there was a great dance record which summed up the sentiment of life in a few beautiful words. There are days in which I feel happy, there are days in which I feel lonely – lockdown does that to a man. However, we must all keep the faith that one day we might all get to dance together to the sweet sound of Tomcraft in the sky… I dream of it each and every night. 


This week has been a whole load of fun. Ian Brown realised that he hadn’t been relevant for twenty years and decided that now was the time to reignite his career as a grade A b*llend. He declared that he wouldn’t perform at any festival or venue which required it’s participants to demonstrate proof of vaccination. Butlins and Pontins haven’t yet commented on the announcement. 

Meanwhile a floating ship was spotted off the Cornish coast. I always knew that there was something odd going on down there and now this proves it. 

Back in the capital Amazon opened a shop which is quite frankly a shoplifters worst nightmare. I personally welcome our new digital overlords who seek to monitor when I fancy a packet of Quavers for all eternity. 

Oh and The Guardian took one step too far this week. I love Great Britain. 

Here’s some internet…