This Week… Haggis and Rallies, Strong And Stable Rallies.


I’ve never felt in my adult life so depressed about the state of this country.” Just another bystander

"A typical Tory ‘rally’ involves a rote speech to a hand-picked audience of activists, followed by three questions where the answer will at some point involve the words ‘strong and and stable’. Her speech in the South West today looked and sounded much like her speech in Lancashire a day earlier. So it must have been a shock for the Prime Minister to come face-to-face with an actually real-life, non-Tory Party member on the streets." Graeme Demianyk

May: “Brexit has huge opportunities for us.”

Woman: “It doesn’t help that Boris Johnson says Brexit is about selling haggis to the Americans.”

Local Elections result in a UKIP wipeout. 

“The current leadership has crashed the car, at the first bend of the race, into the crowd, killing the driver and spectators." Arron Banks, formerly Ukip’s biggest cunt funder. 

Heading further towards the bright side is the news that Lizard Prince Philip is retiring from public life. WTF does that mean? The only good quote he's ever offered is about his sister-in-law, Anne. ‘If it doesn’t fart or eat hay, she’s not interested.’

Fk this, just read Ian's article on STRONG AND STABLE Britain this week, it's far more relevant than the load of old nonsense I'm gonna dribble on about here. 

"Propaganda must therefore always be essentially simple and repetitive. " I. Mcquaid


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