This Week – Gravity & the joy of headlines…


“Gravity, you just hold me down so quietly…”

“Love is in the hair.”

“We made a tiny mistake”
“Editors on trial ‘had a 6 yr affair”

“Rivals were targeted in dogfight for scoops
“Dowler parents in an ‘agony of hope’.”

“Night with a dancing Queen.”

“Ex-BBC host gets 22 years of sex abuse”

“Baron’s son ‘attacked wife and punched a policeman’.

Since being knocked off my bike the other week I’ve been enjoying the beauty of public transport. What it has meant is that I’ve been exposed to the joy of the Metro… above is just the pure negativity positivity of mainstream media that gets perpetuated every day through this joyous medium. 

PS the top one is actually a Super Furry Animals song… it’s just all I could sing to keep myself sane from the Metro as I walked the streets.

Stop thinking about all the bad in the world and see the good…

10dB Absolute silence
13dB Incandescent light bulb hum
15dB Pin drop from a height of 1 centimetre heard at a distance of 1 meter
30dB Totally quiet night time in desert
40dB Whispering
60dB Normal conversation
85dB Beginning of hearing damage range, earplugs should be worn
100dB Normal average car or house stereo at maximum volume

Kinetic sand

Celestial white noise…

Online speed reading training

Rubik’s Cube cheats… 

Hate mail…

Not to point out the obvious but I’m assuming you’ve seen this…

What does that even mean?
What is wrong with the world?!