This Week… Girl Power vs Slavery, Bin Laden is back, RIP Mark Hollis


"Come my love, kick the line." – Mark Hollis

"I know it sounds weird, but how bad, how hard can dying be?" – Cher

"Yeah, but, chain eating roasts?" – Jez

This Week lets first talk talk about Mark Hollis, lead singer of 80s synth-pop band Talk Talk, who passed away this week. His unique vocal sound and lyricism has been the source of inspiration for a generation of musicians that have followed since.

"Before you play two notes, learn how to play one note. And don't play one note unless you've got a reason to play it. The silence is above everything, and I would rather hear one note than I would two, and I would rather hear silence than I would one note."

RIP Mark Hollis

Hahahahahahaha, it's only money, right?

Guess who's back? Back again. Bin Laden's back. Tell a friend… or the US government and you might get $1m (£750,000)!

Guess who else is back? Back again. Al-an's back. Tell a friend…

"Alan who", I hear you cry.

"Alan Partridge, that's who", you silly buggers.




Over 100 workers claim to have been sacked after protesting about low wages at factory that makes ‘girl power’ T-shirts.

Time for some interior inspiration.

What are you up to this weekend? Asking for your friends….


Anyway, on that note, let me finish with a pretentious —but heartfelt — use of song lyrics (Talk Talk, 'Life's What you Make It"). You'd be clever to take this advice you mugs! SING WITH ME NOW!….

Baby, life's what you make it / Can't escape it

Baby, yesterday's favorite / Don't you hate it

Baby life's what you make it / Don't back date it

Baby, don't try to shade it / Beauty is naked

Baby, life's what you make it / Celebrate it

Anticipate it / Yesterday's faded / Nothing can change it / Life's what you make it


Oh, and lastly, planning a big one this Friday? Watch out, mum in a Junior Boy's Own jumper is about