This Week… From BUDGET to Disco, from safeway to tesco…


“From disco to disco, from Safeway to Tesco…” J Cocker

Today I’ll present a Budget that tackles the economy’s problems head on helping those who want to work hard & get on. G. Osborne

“Large numbers of existing homeowners will be able to use George Osbornes mortgage support scheme to refinance their home loans, undermining the flagship programmes stated objective.” FT

This was supposed to be a budget about aspiration nation and expanding home ownership, he said. If it is about helping existing homeowners that will do nothing to reverse the fact that home ownership is in decline and set to decline further. Roger Harding, Shelter
“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo” is a grammatically valid sentence in American English, used as an example of how homonyms and homophones can be used to create complicated linguistic constructs.”

Great skills on the budget Gerogie…

“My girlfriend and I sailed to the sinking house on Holland Island”

Are we just liked bored spoilt children who’ve been lying in the bath tub all day…?

Pedophiles harassed by pedophilophiles 

Create endless useless gmail addresses.

Weekly readers of this drivel – you know who you are!! – will know dogs don’t often feature on these pages… but menswear for dogs was too good to turn down!

Seacrching for that weird umlat? Look no further than copy and paste culture…that’ll suit you and your copy and paste culture reet innit Mr T.

Perplexing pictures from the past…

How people used to imagine vehicles of the future.

Random cat corner… had to sneak the cats back in there.

Right then… time to cut the cat’s food budget further…
Off up a mountain for our excitement at this year’s Horizon Festival… big!