This Week… Excuses


Hi [supervisor’s name] Ransom Note Reader

I’m sorry to say that I don’t think I’ll make it into work today. [Describe why you can’t come in, leaving out the gory details.] I'm in a field suffering from heat exhaustion.

It seems like this is probably contagious – heat exhaustion is contagious I've been told by my doctor – so I think it would be of greater benefit if I just stay home and take the weekend off as I feel like this is the precursor to a mammoth hangover and try to get well to recover quicker and be my normal productive self. I also don't want to jeopardise the team's well being either.

I should be back at work next week, but don't call, I won't be able to hear you over all the doof doof and screaming girls please let me know if there’s anything you would like me to do in the meantime.

I've attached a picture so you know this is genuine. Better make sure I attach the right one and not that one of me and Gary at Farr.

[Your name] R$N