This Week… Driving Home for Brexit!


“Being on the road isn’t hell – it’s pure pleasure now.” – Chris Rea

It’s approaching the end of the year and as Christmas looms my thoughts have turned firmly towards all things warm and nice. Like daft jumpers for example – they’re great. Cans for breakfast – also great. Pigs in blankets – splendid. 

Anyway, perhaps the best news of all is that there might be a light at the end of this god forsaken tunnel. The vaccine will be released next year meaning we should start seeing humans with two heads pretty soon. I for one personally welcome the effects of the new vaccine, hopefully I grow many new limbs and develop super intelligence. Why people are scared of such outcomes is beyond me, if anything I’d pay for such new found capabilities…. 

Meanwhile Brexit looms ominously around the corner, we’d forgotten about that for a bit because of all this covid shite but soon enough we will be stuck in one perpetual never ending queue on the motorway which circulates the whole country following delays at the channel tunnel because of lorry inspections. Maybe that’s how it will all end? Not with a great big bang but blokes stuck in a time warp caused by a traffic jam of our own bitter making. 

Here’s the interweb…