This Week… Dream Big!


“This disease, called COVID 19, will be over much sooner than you think. Christian people all over this country, praying, have overwhelmed it.” – Kenneth Copeland

Christmas is cancelled, Boris may have well of said so earlier this week after describing his hope of efficient and effective testing as being “moonshot”. Now if ever there was a word designed to indicate the haphazard, bumbling beast of a mess which we’ve found ourselves in it is that. “Moonshot” is not a word which instills confidence. Anything might be possible in the whimsical mind of Boris but now is not the time to dream big. Anything is in fact unremarkably impossible, otherwise this whole hideous mess would have vanished months ago when I dreamt of a magic Covid stun gun come kitchenette which would restore health, cure cancer and bring me corn flakes as I sat in my pants on the couch watching the television. Anyway I digress… 

I hope you’ve all begun limiting your social contact to a strict six people. Choose wisely, if sh*t really hits the fan you might have to bubble up for the coming winter months. God knows how some will cope with the new rules, take S Club 7 for example, they’re totally f*cked. Five should be okay though, phew. 

Anyway, hope you’ve all been enjoying the music scene recently, lots of good ambient out there just now, really into it. Take care