This Week in Cat Acid, Giraffe bleats, a closer look & not riding in bicycle lanes


I've just been told that Jimmy Saville spent 11 New Years Eve's with Maggie Thatcher … Is this true?! @tom_watson what now? @LDN_brummie
I'm on this. Alas, the PM is not so keen! ‏@tom_watson

Tom Watson (West Bromwich East, Labour)
To ask the Prime Minister if he will publish the guest list for each party held at Chequers to celebrate New Year's Eve since 1982.
David Cameron (Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)
A list of guests who have received official hospitality at Chequers is published on an annual basis.

@tom_watson By all accounts very few wanted to entertain the man a 2nd time, let alone 11 NYEs! Youre on to something, this absolutely reeks

List of electronic music genres – yeah mate I'm into Ethereal Wave this week.

List of animal sounds – apparently Giraffe's bleat.

Me n the cat been doin a bit of acid this week… 

So, the final debate eh? Fisting Donald Trump…

We all crave it, but can you stand the silence? The longest anyone can bear Earth's quietest place is 45 minutes

A closer look at Salt & Pepper…

Postage stamps…

and lots more besides, right here.

Rather unfortunate.

Bit of voguing yeah? ISS crew 'Vogue' before spacewalk 

Click the image below if you can't make it proper like…

Halloween yeah… Zombie Apocalypse mate.


THE CLOUD FACTORIES: Power, Pollution and the Internet


Righty-ho then… speak to you soon.
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