This Week… Any plans? Up to much?


“The man who lets himself be bored is even more contemptible than the bore.” 

Nope, me neither. It’s a Friday afternoon and it may as well be a Monday morning for all the excitement there is to be had about the weekend to come. Once a time of great opportunity and social freedom has become a period of deep personal existential self reflection. How many times can one watch an Eastenders omnibus on a Saturday before considering the true meaning of life? How many cans does it take to replicate the 4am sesh feeling from the comfort of your own home? Does a kebab really taste as good without the company of friends as the sauce drips through that flimsy paper sheaf and onto the carpet of your own floor? All questions I’ve asked myself in recent lockdown weekends gone by… 

Anyway, not much has happened this week really. The government decided that a child should be able to feed itself off half a carrot, some bread and a carrier bag of tuna for ten days. Donald Trump is still kickin’ about, albeit far more reclusively after he attempted to overthrow the US democratic process. Some old people got some vaccines and some anti vaxxers didn’t like it. Oh and Bez from the Happy Mondays has a new workout routine

There was some sh*tty news for musicians though… obviously. It turns out Brexit is going to be as bad an idea as we all predicted it would be with touring artists requiring Visa’s to travel and gig in the UK. This might mean getting used to the pub dj who plays the Robbie Williams anthology down the local on a Friday night as that’s about as cultured as the Tories would clearly like things to be over the next little while. No bands, no dj’s, no more. If you’d like to complain about this, like we have, then feel free to sign this petition. That is unless you like Robbie Williams and if you do please kindly f*ck off. 

Anyway, here’s the net…