This Week… And It’s Good Night From Him, And Good Night To Steel


"I don't do drugs. I am drugs." – Salvador Dali

"You can't wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club." – Jack London

"I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." – Don Corleone

"A sledgehammer breaks glass but forges steel." – Brian Pern

“UK steel industry is absolutely vital for the country" – Business Secretary Sajid Javid

Abortion. No one in the world likes the word, but what we think ain't important. It's no ones right to tell another what is better for them, while thinking nothing of others, and just of themselves. Thank God and Texans for Donald Trump this week, because he "disavowed" comments made that were hideous, mysoginistic and well, just vile.  Can we all have 'disavows'? Be easy wouldn't it. Let's take another look at a "Future World Leader"…


You reading this yeah? Well we would probably guess that at some part, the miraculous recipe of iron and carbon has helped you to enjoy the Vines and quotes. Seems no one in THAT GOVERNMENT has. As we expect 40,000 jobs could be affected if TATA ("Ta-taaa") quits it's losses and shuts down whole towns and communities, nice to hear that no one but 'a Kinnock' went to Mumbai to shout working class causes which have impact on us in meejah towers. Even Brian Clough knows that.

Government powerless to intervene in non-banking industry

THE government has confirmed there is absolutely nothing it can do to save the non-London-based steel industry.  Amid the prospect of thousands of redundancies, the business secretary said he wishes there was something he could do. 

Sajid Javid added: “Tragically, the industry has been hit by a perfect storm of being in the provinces, traditionally supporting Labour and not being financial services. "


How do you think fork handles were made? God Bless you Remi Garde, lovely little comic bringing light to our lives (except for parts of Handsworth).


Them aeroplanes are made of bigger things than steel. Yes, we need to keep all the steel for important things like garden bridges and Trident replacements. These wings are made from rejection and a life in jail. And selfie sticks.


A little ALFOS kid making the most of waning resources.