This Week… Abject Lies, Boredom, Clickbait, Panacea, Other


"Exaggeration is the official language of the internet. Only the most strident statements have any impact. Oversteer and oversell, all the time" C. Brooker

"What Aphex Twin did was just, like amazing" enthused company spokesman Jeff Jeff from his desk / ball-pool combo.
"Like he got some 2 year old to run his art campaign and eveyone was all 'dayum babez Aphex Twin is HAWT' and everyone on twitter was talking about him even though he looks like a bulimic Tudor catwitch. I'm telling you, that sht changed everything. Everything."

Panacea: a remedy for all disease or ills; cure-all.

The dirty secrets of clickbait.

Everybody Loves Sunshine


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