This Week 8/7


“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.” Confucius

Tom Watson called Michael ‘Dot’ Gov a “misreable pip-squeak of a man” in the commons yesterday – pretty funny. Blimey, he was an angry man eh? (Quality of the video’s good too!!) He was asked to retract his ‘insulting language’. Think I’ve got a bit of OCD going on today. Had to re-arrange and clean my flat before I could clear my mind to start putting this them there mailer together. I’ve been told I’ve got issues…still, all cleared… forwards! So, I was in a pub round the corner the other night and they were showing Endless Summer and I was going to comment on the fact that this summer has been so ridiculously good so far… then it’s been rubbish today, still good stuff round the corner again so I’ve heard.

Holland vs Spain final on the weekend… have you lost interest completely now that our ‘amazing’ team are out? Shame about Ghana tho eh? Would’ve been ace round here had they won. Check the German octopus picks Spain as winner. Obviously everyone wanted Germany to win so we’d feel vindicated if they won the whole thing: “oh yeah, well we were beaten by the world champions”… yeah mate!

“Today all we talk about is the expert’s opinion, when i was young… we all had opinions!” this Austrian marxist bloke on newsnight last night – showing my ignorance that I don’t know his name. On Tuesday I fell for the fact that someone had doctored the delorain picture – there was me thinking that it was the day that Marty McFly arrived in the future after hitting 88mph in the Delorean back in 1985. Dammit, another 5 years to wait for my f**king flying skateboard?! Here’s another beauty from Mr Mcquaid – Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Howard Jones & Tomas Dolby. This is too good to exist. It really is!

What follows are 4 completely unrelated but brilliant bits of linkage:- Sound x Fire = Science – really ace. Have you seen the drench clever hamsters advert. thanks mario. PiL on the old grey whistle test (via jonathan burnip). Japanese Nissan advert

People are getting angry bout the whole digital radio debate and it being switched off in 2015. “When the BBC tried to move Radio 4 off its long wave frequency in 1992, furious listeners marched on Broadcasting House.” Yeah, Radio 4 riots on the way! Massive, massive. Ooh also, a referendum next May eh? Let’s see eh, let’s see. Do you believe it? Hmm…

“Craig leaves Bros: matt & luke explain why – exclusive interview.” “Is bobby brown the new michael jackson?!?” two massively insightful articles from rob’s smash hits from 1989 he brought down from home this weekend. Nice. He’s kept em in amazing condition too…

“This chap Yonlu is interesting and you can still find some of his original posts on gamer forums” Justin Beiber may be forced to play north korea – that’ll learn ya. The Lost Space – courtesy of a Mr Tendraw. Razors make some lush noises. Sure most people will have seen this by now but: iphone4 vs HTC Evo video is pretty. Also an extremely clever bit of marketing if I may be so cynical (what me?!). it’s made me want to seek out the EVO seein as I have yet to join the ‘smartphone’ community like. Some of the worst sex education posters ever… and tied in with that tastelessness Five absolutely horrifying internet communities – diapers n shit!

The Ransom Note supports Short & Sweet 3D next weekend no less. London’s first 3D film festival. Looks ace… and we’re djing @ the after-party too… oooh! Come down, come down.

Also Check below for some serious Michael Mayer love on Eastern Electrics recent mailer. Big things afoot for the august bank holiday.

Right gone go eye beefa sunday see db play rekkids dans le space… oh an a bitta dc mon… stupidness ensues, body needs rest.

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