This Week 8/4


“read my twitter, i’ve gone tweet mad!” so said Jon Snow on ch4 news tonight… this is a recent post of his “Have decided to wear the same tie throughout the time to change it..and it chimes with our election logo!”ok.

ahhh… beautiful sunshine! you make it all better…

so we’re 48 hours into the election campaign eh… have you noticed how the lib dems are actually getting a bit of attention this time around? strange. i know i’m def voting tory tho… chris grayling backs bans on gays in b&bs… that’s definitely who i want as our home secretary. seriously tho, i know labour have fukked things horribly but when push comes to shove will people really vote for david cameron? i just don’t know if i can see it… if they do, we’re pretty fukked. apparently they’re going to scrap the temporary events notices which enable the ‘warehouse’ (notice the inverted commas there) parties to take place… that’d be a shame.

big weekend, soon gone! big things and bad things – jesus black grape were poor – not even funny poor… bloodbath was fantastic as ever… and mulletover on sunday was something special indeed. heidi smashed it as did deep teknologi and floating points were well lush too. where is my brain now tho?

check this out: is this ironing porn…? only in japan! brilliant. i was down at bloc the other weekend (as i seem to love telling you a lot don’t i?!) and i ran out of deodorant and all they had was sure in the local supermarket… smelt really unpleasantly manly! which i highlighted to my mate joe on the weekend and he brought up the amazing scene where alan partridge meets dave for the first time. “are you wearing lynx?” stone cold classic…

so Gordy’s talking about scrapping the first past the post electoral system… i find it quite difficult to understand what that’s all about. If you have any vague interest in it, the above is quite an interesting article…if you’re not, sorry I’ve bored you! And here’s proof that voting is a complete waste of time. What you need to do is to note the shirt colours usually worn by the current holders (on election day) of the FA Cup. If Chelsea win this year then the Tory’s’ll get in, as did Labour when Man U won in 2005. They may as well just not bother campaigning eh? A party political broadcast for the Labservatives – vote for more of the same! Great. Thanks for those Louis. Surprise, surprise there’s even a fakebook group. Aha, now I see, quite a funny/clever Lib Dem election campaign.

Blimey, this really has been an election special hasn’t it? Quick, quick something else… did you notice last week in the increasingly declining Observer that there was ‘random note’ in their new music section – ah it’s hard being a trend setter! funny coincidence tho…

ooh, ooh chris cunningham live – that’d be ace… shame we’ve just booked flights to go up to the last but one Optimo in the fantastic city that is Glasgow. That’ll be good, so will this… ok then!

Jesus Kyrgyzstan doesn’t look great right at the moment does it? I have no working knowledge of the country tho I did discover that the yanks will be watching it closely as they have a base there that supplies troops to Afghanistan… interesting.

“Godwin’s law states that “as an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1″. This is both funny and true, like John Prescott having bulimia.” Quite a good David Mitchell article from last week.

For some reason they’ve removed loads of the youtube videos American Apparel sample sale riots from last weekend? Something sinister or just me and my paranoid mind? Anyway, ahh the youth of today they’re mental aren’t they? Go stamp on a car… go on!

The EU’s trademarks authority has permitted a German firm to brew beer and produce clothing under the name “F**king Hell”. Because light ale can be referred to as hell and there’s a town in Germany called F**king… Fantastic.

Right then, I’ll be off to recover my brain from last weekend somewhere…

As ever, thanks for listening to my drivel. Apologies I’ll be better next week…


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