This Week 6/5


“AV’s a bit like the offside rule isn’t it?” World T

“Tomorrow’s elections are some form of 3-dimensional chess.” Paxman

“My cat did feel marginalised but know she feels marginally better.”

“You will not see Bin Laden walking on this earth again…” OK mate, we’re not in some action movie… oh no, we’re in the age of American fighting talk.

“Too much cheesecake too soon” Roxy Music

‘Being a yes man is underrated’ M Gray

“Sir/Madam, we have logged your IP-address on more than 40 illegal Websites. Important: Please answer our questions! The list of questions are attached.” Go on then mate, attach em and I’ll check em out! Oh it’s in a zip file, just give me a second mate.

“Voting no to AV means the Tories will just stay in and in. They get to keep their boundary changes which manipulate the electorate and this country will get more and more right wing. vote YES for even just a glimmer of change. bloody hell, voting reform has got to start somewhere. don’t be scared by a load of tory media…”

“My eye has started to bother me. I think it’s red eye. It looks like this

OK, summer… done.
AV… lost. Well let’s be honest about it, it is isn’t it… if only they’d managed to get any sort of PR referendum through… doubtful that’ll ever happen now. “Remember tho, a vote for AV is a vote for extremist parties…” which is why the BNP oppose it. Oh, OK you’re talking about the Tories right. Best thing about all this AV business is they’ve sort of hidden it in amongst the by-elections. Dilute the effect if you like, if it’d been won they could’ve just brushed it aside with the elections. Well, at least go and vote. Really interesting article by Mr Ianucci about encouraging you to vote here. Wish I’d done a postal vote, looks orrible out there today. Would’ve like not to have left the house to be fair. Jesus, better put the heating on I think…

You know those words that you always say in your head when you read em but have never heard em said? Well minutiae is my word of the week for that. Apparently it’s my new shy… so now I know. Segueway, that’s another one recently… I need to get out more mate.

Talking about getting out more, Lauren Laverne has been my rather nice contact with the outside world today. I’ve rediscovered the radio again… rather than 24/7 News it has furnished me with some tools to talk to other people with over the weekend instead of emailing them constantly. Thanks for that Lauren.

One of which: Ooh, centenary of Robert Johnson this weekend.

Obama at the correspondents dinner… actually really good… and his wife’s fit! Sorry, where did that misogyny come from?!

Have you watched Super scrimpers – is there really people that are stupid enough to spend 2 1/2 grand a year on DVDs + a 1000 quid on magazines.. what do they eat? The DVD sleeves and the pages?

What is Bokeh photography?

I want to hit my head with a hammer and it not hurt… can you help?

One man, 100,000 toothpicks, and 35 years: A sculpture of San Francisco – and you say I need to get out more?!

A 24-year-old man who was looking for a shortcut to a nearby park became trapped in a women’s prison in central Germany on Monday. Brilliant!

I’m gonna make mes one of these over there weekend – mathematical coffee table.

Notes from Chris

Science tricks –
Rubbish site, good tricks

Right, I’m off to cast my vote for David, I mean Nick, I mean (oh I’m so confused), plan a big shiny DJ gig for myself for next week to make me feel better about my exorbitant DJ fee I normally get… then go and join the pro-Bin Laden march whilst getting arrested for breaking into a Justin Bieber concert and throwing eggs at him.
Thursday afternoon then…


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