This Week 6/5


“Awight yeaaaah i’m Danny Dyer… cut your ex’s face, then no-one’ll want err… yeaaaah, i’m mental me…. I’m a cockneeee awiiiight! Danny Dyer in Zoo Magazine… apparently he was ‘mis-quoted’… what a lovely chap!

Excuse the image but i thought it was a little better than ‘vote, not that it’ll matter’… also good… but, well someone it actually might matter this time (maybe)… and someone said i looked and danced like Napoleon Dynamite last week (flattered I’m sure) and also Phil’s just reviewed Jared Hess’s new film here on R$N… hey, see what I’ve done there? eh? eh?

The xx done alright out of the election campaign haven’t they?
All over the trailers like a rash. Anyway, today is election day as if you needed reminding… and whilst I’ve been rather scathing of the whole thing I was actually quite excited standing in the queue to vote this morning… I hovered over the Monster Raving Loony Party box but thought better of it in the end… did I make a mistake?! Someone made a very good point on newsnight last night that at least this ffffin election’s actually got the yoof interested in politics… I’m not yoof no more but I actually feel that my vote might actually do something… well, that’s if i didn’t live in hackney north where diane abbbott hadn’t eaten all my pies… still, still gonna vote, tho def not for the piemonster.

Did you see Ross Kemp on Labour’s party election broadcast the other night…”yeaaaah I’m Ross Kemp and if you vote Lib Dem, you’re voting Tory” scaremongering crap… fff off! Check Ross Kemp Photoshop’d 53 times here! While we’re on the subject of Hackney, christ the Dalston square leaflet dropped through the door this morning… that made me fffin angry. Yeah, we’re Barratt homes and we’re investing in the community. Can’t wait for the public square in front of those lovely new flats they’ve built… they care man… fuk off!

My, I am angry today aren’t I?! read more(happy now will?!) Not very eloquent either.

Let’s break it up a bit shall we: Did you know a dolphin sleeps with half it’s brain awake so it can remain aware of it’s underwater environment? No, neither did I.

Watched the end of Tropic of Cancer last night – sad to see how China are completely bulldozing their way through Laos. Building massive casinos et al on the banks of Mekong…I’d love to go back to Laos tho, before the Chinese totally buggr it up.

I’m off to sit in the sun next week – Mr Patterson and I recently touched upon Temporary Autonomous Zones & Ontological Anarchism & Poetic the other week… bit of light reading for round the pool eh?

Did you see that thing called Erasing David the other night on More4 about the database trail and identity. Quite interesting… quite!

Right, funny shizzle. Some more inspiration from Mr Popper in the form of Interpretive Dinner Dancing sweet jesus. Rude Tin Tin – ummm…. what about The Bog Men’s cover Outkast’s ‘ Hey Ya’ – pretty amazing I’d say.

Jesus, things in Greece are really starting to get ugly aren’t they? Sorry about my cheap jibe about cheap Greek holidays last week… didn’t feel so bad when I heard Rory Bremner dropping the same comment this week!

Anything else? Go and vote I guess… seriously, do tho. Right, I’m off to get some sun… hopefully speak to you next week if that there internet doesn’t fail out there! Which brings us nicely onto:

The Last Page of the Internet – I knew I’d get there sooner rather than latercheers Joe R.

So, here’s to a hung parliament and all the chaotic aftermath that ensues. It may be a complete mess but at least we had a go eh? I was watching last night on the ole tube (that’s a tv not the you variety) that if davey wavey gets even a minority (majority) of the vote and declares himself PM then consitutionally he will be provisionally but then if gordy refuses to leave numeros tenos then we’re in for some right fun and games… soon, forward!

Doves tonight, Saam’s video portraits @ fabric tomorrow followed by Nastee @ the Shacklewell, then Wolf & Lamb on Sat and fit a bit of Optimo @ fabric in somewhere along the line… then onto a plane and into the sun… joyness. It’s almost June Sonar’s almost here, so’s Glastonbury… lushness!

Tatty bye like.

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