This Week 4/2


“it is my view that history is a wheel, inconstancy is my very essence says the wheel. rise up on my spokes if you like but don’t complain when you are plunged back down into the depths. the good times pass away but then so do the bad. mutability is our tragedy but it’s also our hope. the worst times, like the best, is always passing away.” consolation of philosohy.

and there endeth part 1 of tony wilson’s 24 hour party people book accompaniment… and the end of a 10 year period in my life… funny, I finally get round to reading it – 3 quid from fopp mate! – and that appears. everywhere you look – if you’re looking – these things come out… anyway, let us moveth onto the next chapter/part/episode…

well i bottled it with the jumper on sat night and went for the blue mohair instead… may be bold and try again this weekend… maybe. i rode my bike into a lampost and ended up in a&e on tues night… that was fun. so much so they’ve made my face into a flyer… cheers for that! make a mockery of my ailments will you? Have you heard of Alien Hand Syndrome – neither had I but I’m thinking of contracting it. How good would that be? Who’d have thought the Daily Mail would provide me with news 2 weeks in a row… but they have – Maggie’s Whisky Spinach Diet. Oop, while we’re on the subject of food, check out this – a mathematically correct breakfast or ‘How to Slice a Bagel into Two Linked Halves’. A Louis special article if ever I saw one!

I’m getting me’s off down brick lane on the way to work tomorrow… A giant Chinese salamander that predates Tyrannosaurus rex is among a group of extremely rare amphibians identified on Mon as being in need of urgent help to survive. Oh no… check the pic of it to the side here, mental!

Sorry Jackson or JP as he always told me to call me you’re no longer the most expensive work of art ever sold at auction anymore – Giacometti’s life size man, yesterday fetched 65 million… b’jesus!? Scientists have been able to reach into the mind of a brain-damaged man and communicate with his thoughts. I’m off to check the Chris Ofili exhibition on Sat from a slew of recommendations… I’ll let you know. You’ll be waiting with baited breath I know! Music musings on the site as I couldn’t get the mailer to code it properly!

Fair well yeah I did OK this week.

Ta ta


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