This Week 3/6


And now for my weekly dollop of the usual sarcasm and self-loathing…

“One day he was admiring his reflection in his favourite mirror” Sean Ryder on Performance live on Tony Wilson’s OSM “Everything about this is absolute genius, from Shaun’s specs to Bez’s freaky dancin’. We’ll never see the like again – guaranteed.” too true Joe Clay, too true. Check some more words of wisdom from JC elsewhere on here with his unearthing of a forgotten Depeche Mode b-side Vince Clarke production classic.

Praise be the lord I’m not American… not that I have anything against em – Will P’s yank lover, sorry what?! – but the above Ryderisms could never have happen over that them there pond… OK yankee doodle may have invented a huge variety of these here pop genres and we wouldn’t be nowhere were with this there dance music without em but for such a small country I’d say we hadn’t done too badly in the ole musical creative stakes… anyway, don’t know why I’m on this tip you’ve just caught the tail-end of a number of conversations I’ve had with numerous people recently…

In other more important news for the real reason it’s great to be from these parts this week “a pub boss has instilled some World Cup spirit in his staff by convincing them to change their names by deed poll to Wayne Rooney.” Ummm, yeah nice one. Speaking of which, the world cup’s super close eh? I read last week that they’d only sold 200,000 of 750,000 odd tix they’d allocate for tourists and they were now on sale in supermarkets… oh dear. Still, it’ll still be pretty lush to have a June full of football where everyone once again pretends they’ve been into football all along… Read about Brazil going to play in Zimbabwe the other day? Mugabe’ll feel like a vindicated man eh?

I don’t really know to go with this little ole load of nonsense this week. The normal world seems in a bit of a sht state what with the shooting mad rampageness in Cumbria yesterday – which brought back mental memories of when my grandparents lived in Hungerford – shooting in London fields, christ what’s going on?! Can everybody stop getting shot.. and the whole Gaza Flotila which I’ve missed, have limited understanding of and need to subsequently read more about. … sometimes you have to say what the f&*k

On a lighter note how about 15 of the most unfortunately placed ads. My vote goes with the cat jesus on there. Let’s not dwell too much on the whole fabric thing but I do feel a little sorry for Mr Ben Watt and the sht storm that rained down on him last week after his tweets. Anyway, moving swiftly on.

I def think my my cat is a Murakami cat. Don’t know how I can qualify that properly but just thought I’d drop it in there… strange perceptive like qualities… maybe.

As we move East… geographically speaking what about a bit Chinglish courtesy of L. “Smart Noshery Makes You Slobber”… ummm….

I can’t remember why but I got onto David Hockney in conversation earlier this week. Don’t think he has a new exhibition on but be that as it may I stumbled upon the fact that he was so vehemently opposed the smoking ban. Interesting eh? Well, kind of yeah… ““We could save a lot more lives if we refuse to serve alcohol, you could argue…” anyway.

So the ipad’s finally dropped… will it be the saviour of the paper? some arguments for and against here. Did you know the designer of all the good apple shizzle was British? OK, well i didn’t… another reason to be ‘proud to be British’… yeaaaah I’m Danny Dyer!!

Oh no, Louis has just made a late entry with a load of superb links… think we must wait till next week for that good stuff.

101 things to do this summer, as recommended by the Barbican. Have you been and sat outside there in the sunshine? I went there a coupla weeks back, stupid priced drinks but super-lushness out there. Nice change from the ole over-populated South Bank. There’s a really interesting new Anthony Gormley exhibition @ White Cube that I just read about… don’t understand why there’s no info on their site… maybe I’m just being a bit stupid…

Right, I really should leave you alone with ill-informed week whip round… you owe me a tenner by the way, I told you we’d meet again same time this week… double or quits for next week?

Enjoy the sunshine/rain/sunshine, 27 on saturday apparently!

OK, forward to nautical themes and anglo-franco relation building…


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