This Week 31/3


“These principles, these core elements that you fight for the survival of today; of education, of health, of safety, of fairness, of the right to live freely and to find a way to live your life without terror and despair, these principles have ever so cleverly been reboxed as commodities, as luxuries that, we are told, cannot be afforded in an age of austerity and hardship. These things are not luxuries but the very definition of a civilisation that is worth each of us being part of. I do not accept that they belong to those that seek now to smash them in the name of austerity. They are not the education, the health service, the thoughts, the arts, the freedoms of the few but of all of us. They cannot have my society big or otherwise because it is not theirs to confiscate from me.” Alan Lane

‘Not so long ago, if you wanted to issue a 13-year-old girl with a blood-curdling death threat, you had to scrawl it on a sheet of paper, wrap it round a brick, hurl it through her bedroom window, and scarper before her dad ran out of the front door to beat you insensible with a dustbuster.C. Brooker on Rebecca Black

“Not that I have anything against them but God created Adam and Eve… not Adam and Steve.” Alan Partridge

“Hey, if I’m starring in Starlight Express, I want my whole family there…” P Griffin

“The award winning game show The Cube” Um, what awards has it actually won. Being the most budget game show ever? Giving Philip Schofield something to do?

“You’re going to have to start speaking English Jeremy (Paxman)”

“Come and experience the emotion of Tunisia before it becomes a classic democracy” Tunisian tourist board. I have absolutely no idea who came up with that… are they trying to do a Cuba?

If you have set yourself on fire, do not run.

Bob wrote Rebecca’s Friday I can’t work out if this is a piss take?! Did Bob really write that monstrosity?

“Boost your carnal stamina ..Give the time of day___Wil” Righty-ho then! Decent spam this week… I like how they’ve put a massive ____ before my name.

“Along with our head office in Russia, we managed to open new branches in Kazakhstan and Ukraine. The next stage of our development is settling in England.” Spam Spam

“Promote your nether stiffness. Or maybe you worry, when you climb under the covers, that youre starting something you cant finish?” How did they know?

“It’s typically English, everything at the last minute.” Super-brain Prince Harry does his ongoing bit for the United Kingdom.

Well now It’s days like this when the sun shines through the window and the music sounds this good when you’d be hard pressed to want to be anywhere but in Londinium… and the yookay for that matter.

Cor blimey, bit late this week eh?!

I reckon we should just slash arts funding completely mate… we don’t need that sht anyway!

So basically what they were saying with their announcements yesterday was that nothing culturally good happens unless it’s in London, let’s just pump more money in there and take it away from everywhere else… specially theatres! Makes sense tho doesn’t it. Slowly price everyone but the rich out of London and then give em more money for cultural stuff… after all they deserve it. Be a great breeding ground for truly new and exciting art, music and culture if you have only the elite living in London. Anyway, I only go to the opera so I don’t give a fk. I reckon you should just privatise the whole art world anyway mate. At least consumer spending’s at an all time low… that’ll mean that people’ll wanna go out and support the arts anyway.

Cod, half-informed ecomomism over (note to self: read more before opening mouth on these matters).

I do regret not being around on Saturday for the protest… I hate to be an armchair activist in retrospect but it would be incredibly foolish not to get up and shout at the next one.

No tea in the house… overdone it on the coffee dosage this morning… it’s a fine line, it’s a fine line! Truly justifying of the hype, Mr Jaar live w/ full band was ridiculously good last night. I’m not the biggest fan of the album on record… but live… hubba hubba.

Having difficulty finding fun stuff this… don’t think that’s a reflection on my state of mind… but anyway, here we go:

Stoner Brian Cox
– ta moooray.

Brian Cox on time dissected by Harry Hill

Amusing conversation – quite funny, bit weird.

15 web-sites that you are not allowed to link to.

If you are sprayed with an unknown substance, stand and think about it instead of seeing a doctor.

Jesus how many times can Paloma Faith say eclectic in a sentence? No but she is really eclectic… while we’re on the subject of foolish people, Lily Allen is even more of a twt than I first thought… I couldn’t stop watching that docu-soap thing on her new shop and wishing it to fail… oooh ya bitch!

Incredibox – five minutes of fun.

Judging by the horrific soundtrack it’s probably pretty awful but they got some heavy LEDs. Probably wouldn’t go in there for a quiet drink tho TBF… and it’s in Leamington Spa! Sorry JME.

Full moon hike
– almost wow!

I’ve been past this like

Caution – this sign has sharp edges

Right then, me and the cat better do one. See you down Gt Suffolk St Saturday.


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