This Week 28/7


Objects arent imbued with any great mystery once youve pressed the add to basket button; its far more appealing when youve been searching for them and then come across it accidently. Weatherall inFACT mag this week

Breiviks ideas are in defence of western civilisation. Francesco Speroni (Berlusconis former minister)Umm umm yeah they are and its a point we should fully debate. In fact I thought Daveys just tabling a motion right now.

I think I could create more than 10,000 jobs if you give me 9 Billion Will Self onNewsnight.

Id buy a dog just so I could name him deadmau5 and take him home and kick the fucking shit out of it I mean, its pretty harsh I agree but it was definitely the best quote I heard last night

Alvin Toffler, window boxes,roundblack plastic and fields thats the order of play for the next few days.

Oooh, how about thoseOlympic medal designs eh? Got me pretty hot under the collar the original fantastic logo cost 400K wonder how much they cost? Speaking of Olympics.Will Selfs rather excellent rant on the BBC the other night was brilliant. So its a shopping centre and a training centre for people to sell more things

Good article as highlighted by Mr Electric Minds, on why we shouldcelebrate Britains contribution to clubbingand ahem in other related news on Hemminway he’s designing recyclable McDonalds Olympic uniforms

Deviating, check this rather great mix –Weatherall/Johnston/Electric Elephant/Sun

I mean dont get me wrong, Im taking time for mourning Amy too that goes without saying. So much so I made thislittle mix in her memory I hope you like it. Ive alsomade sure7 of her tracks make the top 40 this week. It is sad shes gone and joined the 27 club but I was reading some quote questioning why if Mark Ronson considered her a sister why he didnt do more. Anyway, I should probably tread carefully here, I’ve not been keeping up with it all to be honest!

Talking of weird fandom, did you see thatCatfish Film/Documentary the other night? Rather good oop, parentlyits potentially a fake

Its far too complicated for me to even begin making an informed point about it but pretty horrific follow-up report on Channel 4?s film onSri Lankan war crimes the other night. Soldiers ordered tofinish the job

Mapping Londons Educational Divide

Would you give up the internet for million quid?

Dr. Schrempps Chem Lab oh that is fantastic, good lord still, despite that quite fun.

The wonderful Rich Neville aka Cat Bin Lady’s blog

Win a hotel, VIP tix and travel to Eastern Electrics next monthhere. See how I slipped that one in there?

View from 148855663 km above 3940?N 9338?W OK?

What to do with a boring keyboard.

Harry Potter vs Star Wars

Wave machine

The law of accelerating returns.

I like the buttery biscuit base

Steve Masons lovely new Dub album with Dennis Bovell is out this week, Id suggest you pick it up cos its well lush. Particularly now the suns shining.
Free download here and a nice little interview em both.

Steve Mason & Dennis Bovell – Yesterday Dub by DominoRecordCo

Right then internets not being too inspiring this week, must know the suns out finally.
Im off to play rekkids in a field not very FARR away.

Good weekend all ace stuff going on. Specially FARR fest, Bear Factory and Paradise Garage tour @ fabric bigness!!


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