This Week 27/5


12 pretty insanely titled books… my favourite being “How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read” & “Are Women Human?: And Other International Dialogues”. the best thing is they’re actually for sale on amazon! Oh no hang on, it gets better “Curbside Consultation of the Colon”… and “The 2009-2014 World Outlook for 60-Milligram Containers of Fromage Frais”… sorry i better not ruin them all for you. Check the link above for more nonsense!

Cor blimey, Barry’s Puzzles is a bit hard int it?! Shakespeare’s Sonnet puzzles did my head in…

Clicked on a Times link online today and had to register to read it… you’ll have to pay for it by June – the times of free newspapers is coming to an end? actually there was no pun intended there… be interesting to see how all that affects their sales… is micro-content going to become a reality?

I hate TV in general but Story of Science was on last night and gutted I missed the other 4 programmes… praise the lord for iplayer eh?!

Got quite into battenberg cakes this week. Amazing what a bit of 2 for 1 at the supermarket does for you eh? Bet you wanted to know bout my cake regression.

So every school’s going to get the chance to choose to become an academy. Is this the beginning of the degradation of state schools. I wouldn’t like pass comment as I’m not that well read on the subject.

OK so I’ve been harping on about that little privacy box that came up on fakebook a couple of months ago and a lot of my friends were like yeah whatever to me but I think you should prob read this about how facebook is sharing our sweet nothings with the world. On a similar-ish (well not at all really) subject the Independent are to stop anonymous concepts on it’s site: “Websites have been encouraging cowardice. They allow users to hide behind virtual anonymity to make hasty, ill-researched and often intemperate comments…” “If you are speaking up, then speak up proudly and with responsibility. Embrace this opportunity to come out from the cloak of anonymity. Thats for the cowards for whom freedom of speech is something to rant about rather than an expression to live by. With all its obligations.” Well said old bean…taken from Mr Jon Slattery’s very good blog.

3 = number of words in English dictionaries invented by The Simpsons “Doh”, “meh” & “cromulent”.
74 = percentage of European flags that use the colour red.
1,700 = number of words in English dictionaries invented by Shakespeare.
11,033 metres to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest place on Earth.
42,000 = estimated bottles of champagne drunk by Winston Churchill during his life.
250,000,000 = number of bubbles in an average bottle of champagne.
Who woulda thought that the horror of Ryanair and their in-flight magazine would provide me with a whole paragraph of useless info when I boarded the big great Happy Shopper branded flying tub on Sat! Blimey, I knew people hated Ryanair but I wouldn’t go to the trouble of registering a whole website… or maybe I would… specially when they charge me 40 euros to print my boarding pass f()&()&@_^@*&^($@^errs!

Spain eh? Yup, Granada’s a nice ole place innit…? beaching a car’s good fun too… horrormelinos was actually quite good fun… there you go, there’s me oliday in a paragraph.

My William, you’re being very serious this week? Right, let’s interject with Rap Against Rape – quite possibly one of the most utterly incomprehensibly bad things I have ever seen I think. Thank you Mr Popper once again. Rabbits Converge on Manhattan, Eat Carrotts, Leave… nup, no idea either. Radiation Studies: Night Vision Relatively New in Cats – what an odd site! Local Futon Finally Thrown Away… umm, yeah OK my head’s really starting to hurt I think I’m gonna go now.

A very warm welcome to the R$N to mogg and his excellent Ripped In Glasgow blog which has kept me educated in good things for my ears for a while now. That and Joe C’s Ecstasy In Slow Motion is about all I need on my RSSness… JC’s also got a new post on here on Flying Saucer Attack. Elsewhere, Phil asks whatever happened the sword fight? Plus there’s a chance to win a pair of tickets to mulletover this weekend, along with a pair of tickets for each of the new Cable re-launch nights with We Fear Silence at the helm. Check the competition section on here…

Something for the Bank Holiday weekend? Seeing as I enjoyed my Olympic walk so much last weekend for 8 quid I thought I might do the bank holiday special and “Visit all three London Olympics sites in the same day. No other city on earth can offer you this experience! Only London will have hosted the Games three times.” The above full day Walk for Gold will be taking place on Saturday 29 May and Monday 31 May. Start: 10.00 outside White City tube. Cost? Well, only 15.00 of your hard earned pund… but please make sure you have an Oyster Card or zones 1 – 4 Travel Card… OK? Bank ol sorted for me, methinks.

We’ll meet again, we will you know… I reckon bout this time next week, go on I’ll bet ya… tenner?


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