This Week 27/1


“Don’t say it didn’t…. it did!” C. Brooker

“Who do you think tucks our microphone cables in?” J. Clarkson

“Even a stopped clock gives the right time, twice a day.” P. Mcgann

“What the hell has happened to Razorlight? Have they auditioned for Pirates of the Caribbean 4?” It’s important, we need to know… they meant so much.

Right, come on trooop, lock yourself into writing mode… ignore all external distractions, forces and indeed garibaldis…

Arm hurts… repositions arm… still hurts… paranoia of rsi ensues… moves chair… realises chair repositioning means i’m now staring at myself in the mirror… more paranoia ensues. Cat’s looking at me funny too… been doing that all morning? Am i talking to myself? I am aren’t I.
Tea, drink tea… that’ll sort it. Put Mogwai on…

Anyway, I’ve been willfully negligent of the world this week, other than to note that Egypt’s on a similar tip to that of Tunisia… funny both those places had been on my list of ‘a nice bit of sun’ in feb earlier in the month. Instead, we’ve gone and chosen the sweltering heat of NYC in February for the winter break… and it’s not even a break. Let’s call it a working break eh? Sounds nice and Americanos too…

What else to say, without talking about myself… again! Phone hacking, Andy Gray/Richard Key ‘scandal’ and the national television awards… my, it’s been a belting week in news hasn’t it?

So, anyway back to me… the R$N will be coming from NYC for the next month… so if the flavour isn’t to your liking… deal with it! Any suggestions on where to find amazing jumpers, gladly received, processed and logged on my sweater map. My co-hort has been banging on to me about trainers on power cables and the prevalence of crack dealers in the area… and that’s just in hackney downs. Imagine my excitement when I come across/am sent this lovely picture from just round the corner of where we’re staying. Also, here’s a great reason to pick New York in the winter…frozen car.

In other, extremely important news. I have no idea where i found this picture… but it’s amazing!

Population to reach 7 billion this year. Really interesting article from a few weeks back that I meant to link up earlier. “Later this year on 31October, to be precise aboy will be born in a rural village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh…demographers say that this date, place and gender are the most likely.” ??

Oh my jesus, did you see what Theresa May was wearing yesterday on newsnight/in parliament? I can find a picture. Def wasn’t like this. But, oh my god (OMG I should be saying shouldn’t i kids?) i’ve just found this belter too – Dalston has gone parliament mate!

Def think I’m mildly ADD after taking this test..but then we all pretty much are these days aren’t we… or is that just the way we stuntedly interact with each other via ‘the power of the computer’?

Will my crash diet kill me? no but eating those 15 pies might… “do i go down the line of a gastric band?” no, no… you just stop eating luv. christ, i’m such a bitch!

Ace flyer from a dog eat dog/liquid liquid/esg gig … ah test pressing i love thee.

Right, I’m off to do a bit of build a light bulb, trap lightning and do a bit of spoon melting… all from the same page. Amazing!

I thought this was going to be ridiculous… and it kind of is but quite amazing to make a laser burner out of a lighter

Never miss the keyhole
– quite good I guess.

Urban surface street art

– linked a fair bit of but some rather good things on here – esp breakdancing baby

“Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.” is a grammatically valid sentence in the English language.

List of inventors, killed by their own inventions.

And let’s finish on something would be an amazing way to waste fair bit of time with some headphones on… balldroppings. Nowhere near as dodgy as it sounds…

OK… nonsense… out!
Till the other side of the pond…


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