This Week 23/9


“Ants are incapable of relaxing and enjoying life” Adam Buxton

“I was looking for a chord finder and I came across Dwayne. How could you not love him ? In a cynical world he just wants to help. Please let him make a million, please.” I Mcquaid

How’s the weather today? I’m not sure… as I’m writing this from beyond the rave (see what I’ve done there? topical Sht Robot reference too.)… well more to the point, from beefa. Hopefully sitting in the sun, not rain round a pool doing anything but looking at this laptop… I hope! From my perspective of writing today, it feels like I could be in beefa… i.e. there’s sun when I wrote this… so long may it continue into the weekend for you…

Anyway, blah, blah… Apologies if this week’s is even more incoherent than normal (is that possible)… it’s about 3 in the morning ysee!

I miss ole popey… he had so much good, informed stuff to say about me and my life… felt like he was speaking directly to me at times. Check the great unedited version of Stephen Fry’s argument on the Intelligence Debate mitcho just sent me. Can you believe the Pope says that condoms increase the incidence of aid?! I’m not informed enough to get involved with this but I know someone who does and the whole attitude to financial aid from the Vatican being restricted to countries on condition that they don’t promote condoms is amazing. Anyway, too complex an argument for this mere dribble…

Oh and a great article on the Great Vatican Bank Mystery – both via danno. ta.

Lady Ga Ga is defeated in trying to get the ban lifted on the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ military law on homosexuals openly serving in the military. The Mail liked that one!! Amazing the law in America essentially says you can serve in the military, only if you never tell anyone you’re gay!!

This has to be one of the best videos I’ve seen on youtube for a long time. Check this guy, the Soda Obsessive – he’s absolutely amazing… and not in a patronising way (not that I ever am)… he absolutely loves it doesn’t he?

“I think I’ve always thought it was ‘hectagon’ not hexagon.”Anon

The sun, our star is entering the more energetic phase of it’s natural cycle – solar flare in 2013 could end the world… or at least paralyse us and cause blackouts! Which leads us to the question, or rather more related to the main image here; How big is space? Apparently it can’t be less than 28 billion light years across… ok? good.

Republicans are great aren’t they? Christine O’ Donnell (republican candidate) used to be a witch “I dabbled in witch-craft… one of my first dates was on a satanic altar”. Nothing like them doing themselves down!!

Remember the KLF on The Brits from all those years back? Amazing. via mitchell – seems to be a mitchell takeover this week.

Hope yer gonna be voting for your greatest DJ of all time!! in mixmag people?! I’m all over Eddie Halliwell… like herpes.

Tequila suicide – good, not great. Painful, definitely.

Making future magic – moving 3-dimensional typography and objects with an iPad. In dark environments, we play movies on the surface of the iPad that extrude 3-d light forms as they move through the exposure. Multiple exposures with slightly different movies make up the stop-frame animation.

So what the hell’s Google Me all about? They’re answer to facebook… hopefully it’ll fair a little better for them than Google Wave did… that was a belter wunt it?!

Some may consider this animal cruelty… i consider it something my cat might actually enjoy!!

Apparently Shuffler‘s the new big online music thing… searches through all the most blogged tracks – you select you genre et al… I call that lazy mate! :)

So the great leader Kim Jong Ill is ‘grooming’ his son to take over his leadership. Check this video of the death of Kim Il Sung. Somehow I doubt Cameron or Brown could stir any sort of similar sentiment..

Zoom in properly on this and read the comments at the bottom of. Very funny!

Went to see Adam Buxton last week who was particularly humorous. Check out his site, some ace bits on there especially the youtube clips. Have you seen the Joss Stone one before? Amazing… just for the fact that she made the video for a start!!

Tate gauguin soon come…

It is the early hours as I type this and my eyelids are close to shutting. These 2 below from Mr Shepherd have soundtracked a large proportion of these late hours:

Enjoyed this site, which makes music from funny dancing circles
(imagine the line is a piano):

A bit selected ambient works I this one:
I’ve had this one going round and round for about an hour now and appear still not to have tired of it!

Blimey this whole new google auto search is scary isn’t it. Charlie Brooker thinks the internet is trying to kill him!

Mani calls time on freebass… late on this one but what a crying shame eh?? They were so good!

Righty-ho then must take myself away from this machine… Aphex Twin playing 90s trance at space is it, right o then…!!


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