This Week 21/4


“I’m not a racist… but if you are you can vote for me” D. Cameron via Mr Mitchell.

“22,000 people are too fat to work” Daily Mail. You sure that figures right mate…I’ve been having issues for years.

“Everything popular is wrong.” S. Goldmann in Little White Earbuds

“Look, Ed (Milliband)’s so boring, his background’s run away…he sounds like Jamie Oliver eating a bee” C. Brooker

“Kate’s in touch with the people like William’s mother was.” Umm… yeah she is. She’s like working class n’ stuff int she?

“Described as ‘the latest danger sport that combines the thrills of an extreme outdoor activity with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt’, extreme ironing has its roots in Leicester, served by the M1.” Adam Gabbatt

Dunno about you mate but it’s all been about the super injunction for me this week…
As a full privacy law draws ever closer for the rich – Willem Defo (in subliminal flash text if there was them – sorry, what?! Aww, the caring Max Clifford is sticking up for the poor Imogen who bngd a married footballer. Gotta love Max. He’s a caring man. I love the fact you can get a super injunction to stop anyone talking about an injunction. Sfkkin ace… I think I might get one to get people to stop talking about my cat… and my pants.

You could bang on about the weather couldn’t you but it’s not even news anymore is it… well it is, it’s just hot and it’s ace as 4 days span out in front of you! I’m sat here typing this in my pants – ooh I feel like one the ‘Rebels’ – with the window open and feeling like I’m in central Spain… cos that’s what I normally do when I go to central Spain, just sit around on my laptop in my pants. Yeah sit on my laptop, that’s what I do.

So I know I’m a week early but the Royals have done a right good job of making themselves not look washed-up, scrounging ,has beens like they did only 5 years ago with the most amazing bit of PR I’ve seen in a while. Nice little coup with the Oyster cards too. tfl, ah the wonderful tfl have said they expect to make 2 1/2 million from those Will & Kate Oyster cards because they don’t expect people to return/use them. Good work if you can get it. Let’s get involved in the royals next week, eh. Just wanted to get that little rant in while I thought about it.

‘Everything popular is wrong: Making it in electronic music, despite democratization’ Really interesting article on Little White Earbuds.

Pretty sure my partially lobotomised Spanish raver neighbours in the basement are Barca fans as it all went a little quiet down there last night – still, seems like they’re busy trying to burn a cow on the BBQ today already… do they have jobs? I dunno, coming over here claiming all our benefits, what is this country coming to?!

Extreme ironing on the M1… missed this one. Ridiculous! Ta Ms Ryle.

Liberate Tate from BP. Diry, oily money…

I think I will take a TV off the display shelf, take it to the counter and ask for my money back.
Absolutely brilliant, takes some balls.

Monstrous digital release here in aid of Japan. 120 tracks for 30 euros – not bad at all. 22 p a track or something.. And presumably all proceeds to some Japan disaster fund. Ta for that Mr Brackers.

Fisto – can’t believe this was in a cartoon!

Sexy wool. Perfick for Summer. Ta Danno.

I can’t believe this actually works… but if it does it’s amazing.

Quite cool, well fkkin cool… but what’s all the soundtrack about?! Yeah mate, proper martial arts music.

Special effects in the 1940′s… hide your weapons factories.

Very slick but quite nice pictures of water.


Rebuild a 2000-year-old analog computer out of Lego. – again tho, what’s going on with the music?!

Nice bedroom

10 Best Places to Live for Escaping World Conflict

Right then, Happy Bday Queenie. Don’t worry, I’m off to find you a present… so good of you to give our money back to the poor. Very kind. Shall we just give it back to you to sort the wedding out next week… gonna be hard on your pocket I know.

3 day week, here we come!

Happy chocolate buying.


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