This Week 20/5


“We have accepted that facetiousness, like smoking, while not officially illegal is absolutely not for public places…” David Mitchell on the guy who was sacked & fined for twitter joke about an airport.

So there’s me being all smug having finally got out here (well maybe not smug but…) and it’s 30 degreesand sunny and I discover that London’s not too far behind now… still, least the dark cloud of winter’s starting to lift to good days ahead… almost time for that festival predictor int it Jim? :)

Ah, what to play when you’re on holiday? A game perhaps – thanks L. Guaranteed to do your head in after 2 minutes Did you know that 1% of the population of the whole world play Farmville? I’d never even heard about it until this week… I look on fakebook to find a load of my ‘friends’ playing it on there too… what the hell is going on?! that page has 24 million fans!

What else while one’s on holiday? Watch a slo mo HD vid of Apollo 11 taking off – best with Philip Glass playing ideally. Thanks once again for that Louis. On the L subject, I’d like for Aki to restart her Calm Clam Club blog. Surely now will be the time when you start eating lots more weird stuff?! Oh hang on, it has been resurrected I’m just not looking at it properly… anyway, it’s ace I love it. More please.

Everytime I search for anything while I’ve been away, it all comes up with google espanol… good for improving my Spanish, yes. but a tad difficult day to day… still, at least I’ve found a Ransom Note generator in both Spanish & English. Over ere in this here Spain they have an interestingly named coffee… Bonka. I have no idea who Suzanne Harrison is but I like here photo, thanks Suzanne.

Olympic Site 2010 walks… wicked yeah, can I pay you 8 to take me on a tour of a building site please? I can. Brilliant.

So, according to city analysts England are heading for world cup glory… it’s like science n stuff. Talking of football, we took ourselves down to Malaga/Horrormelinos on the weekend. Tried to go watch Real Madrid play Malaga… got sold fake tickets… that was nice. Torremolinos was surprisingly fun… nice food, cheap booze, nice bit of normalness away from the Londononsense too I guess and the whole “ooh I’m a professional traveller” syndrome/competition you encounter in some corner of India… uhh, no I’m just on holiday…

Of course this is me being a massive cynic but the whole save 6music campaign has done wonders for it’s listenership – it hit a record 1m audience high recently. Whatever, if it saves the station then tis a good thing, tho Jim may disagree! In other big business music related news Sony music surprisingly turned in big profits this year. They made 266m last year, that’s 31% up from the year before. I found that quite interesting…

OK, I know the whole chuck norris things been around for a bit but someone suggested that i typed chuck norris into google and clicked on I’m Feeling Lucky. I thought that was quite funny.

Robot weddings: I-Fairy weds Japanese couple. “Almost everyone stood when the bride walked down the aisle in her white gown, but not the wedding conductor, because she was bolted to her chair.”*

Remember those amazing russian commercials from the 70s Lizzie so kindly shared with me/us/you/we/them a while back? well, not that we’re claiming copyright or anything but “Imagine my excitement when I found the video from New Young Pony Club“!

Woo, woo. Optimo is back in a new form praise the lord… Hung Up, named after the state of parliament. Coincidentally, Hogmany End of the Decade Poptimo mix popped up on my itunes today… ace mix. Sounded great out here in the sun. Fantastic Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’ re-edit on here.

Oi, if one is in town tonight, one should def go see the The Raincoats playing The Raincoats @ The Scala if it’s not sold out already… gutted to be missing that. Mr S. Knight made me a CD of that album years ago… massive it was to me back then.

Flying back in time for the birds, the birds, the birds on guitars tho thank the lord!

Right, I’m off to try and have a bit of a relax and continue my Frantz Fanon education by the pool…ta for that dab. Check the rest of R$N for good stuff and new stuff… look, we even do theatre now, ooh… Welcome to R$N Mads.

Till we meet again… don’t know… oh OK then, next Thursday it is…

Spain to… ooh yeah wherezat too…


*apologies if a large proportion of my news in here is from the Guardian this week.. it’s either the international Guardian or Telegraph or Mail in our town…I should have gone down the middle England route I guess, would’ve had a more rounded view on the week’s events… in fact, did you notice how I didn’t mention politics at all this whole drivel/piece… quite amazing.

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