This Week 20/1


“Ted in Wisbech has been in touch and he says I dont use towels. I use a hair dryer set on cool. It takes a bit longer but it feels lovely. And then i finish off with a little talc on my testies and bum. Mid Morning Matters…again!

“Why wasn’t this in your Conservative manifesto?” Health Secretary (god knows what his name is, I could look it up but let’s call him Tory Garibaldi?) being interviewed last night on Newsnight on abolishing PCTs.

“We will ensure that there is a stronger voice for patients locally through directly elected individuals on the boards of their local primary care trust (PCT).” Conservative Manifesto.

“Islam is of the devil.” Pastor Jonesnot being funny or owt but where does all this rubbish go? rubbish day today… cat-o’s favourite day… the most action he gets all week, tho to be fair he’s sat curled up on top of the radiator right now. must know i’m off for the weekend so is filling up on all the heat he can get cos the ‘tight btd’ (that’s me by the way) doesn’t leave it on while I’m away

anyway, been a week of extremes for me (ooh wil, tell me more i simply can’t wait for what you’re going to tell me)… giving up meat (decided this giving up booze was so passe and that if I’m not actually an alcoholic i don’t need to give it up for a month…so i’ve sat in my living room wacked out on whisky all month!! not really but…). tried a detox as well, y’know that clay and husk stuff… that didn’t turn out too good… ended up spending a large amount of time in public conveniences…well it was my convenience and it wasn’t very convenient i can tell you… wil’s closet (not wil’s in the closet), let’s call it… funny that r kelly’s been reviewed by mr mcquaid issue too innit. Right anyway, moving on. coffee has made an introduction back into my life. after all that banging on before xmas with that high and mighty ‘oh i don’t drink coffee anymore’ i’ve found january is un-doable without said accoutrement (incorrect use I know but it sounded good) < sits, tapping away as leg jitters uncontrollably >… it’s kicking in i think, yeah this ain’t no dud mate…

jesus, you get up super early to try and be productive and it’s still almost midday before you actually get round to tapping away this nonsense… still least the morning sky was worth getting up for. full cloud cover with this mad-ass streak of sun tearing a diagonal hole through the grey… quite beautiful so it was. good, wake up done…

so the privatisation of the the health service begins. “Yesterdays announcement that all 152 Primary Care Trusts in England will be abolished by 2013 with more power given to GPs represents a complete about-turn from the Coalition Agreement of less than two months ago, which promised directly elected patient representatives on PCT boards andpledged thatlocal PCTs will act as a champion for patients, commissioning services best undertaken at a wider level rather than directly by GPs. And this was the reason you voted for them wasn’t it ms d$@*&^%$ (name not revealed for fear of reprisal and damnation).

28 day detention ends… to just 14 days… incredible it’s not happened sooner.

amazon to buy lovefilm entirely… the takeover of all things we watch and read continues

pastor jones has been excluded from coming over to these shores (was it cos of his tache?)… i for one am gutted as i’d been stock piling those korans in anticipation of his visit…apparently anti-muslim-ism is now socially acceptable (dropped you the mail article about it so you get the most rounded opinion on it) – quite right too… i’m pleased i won’t feel so uncomfortable sat round the dinner table with tarquin and smedley smyth expressing my thoughts and indeed fears.

national obesity week

getting well into me chess on the phone… i say getting well into it, i’m rubbish but i like… bit like rock n’ roll really.

indiana jones and the last crusade last night – suitably rubbishly goodness… felt like xmas all over again!

have you watched the whole spike jonze new film for owt yet? just getting round to it now.

check this amazing photo blog centred around ‘timing’. jesus, check the bull one! ow…

clever cat

not sure i posted this last week: amazing flying penguins courtesy of mr foster

don’t quite understand the point of it but… birds mate, birds!

following up on the bees from last week – wiki-bee leaks

record clocks of many shapes

grass coffee table

visit norway – 360 degree fjord-scope.

mitchell highlighted that i’d missed these:

fred the raver

fred the rave again

both pretty brilliant.

right, it’s gone a little judge jules, i mean oakenfold… no sorry tong innit. not sure how to round this off so i’ll be off and have a fennel tea to detox from that coffee-ness kick and try and get out of this check predicament that the chess-master’s just put me in… i’ve since found out he was in the chess club at school, i hardly think that’s fair for a little mind like mine! getting a little site re-tweak this week too so things might be looking a little rosier next week…

It was just me, a Japanese saloon car and the very best of Deacon Blue. MMM


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