This Week 20/10


"Are you are who you say you are? Yes… are you sure? No…" Right then carry on infiltrating a bicycle action group then mate… 

"Is this "DJ" pulling records behind him? Is this Berlin 2011 or NYC/Detroit/Chicago 1988? How far we've come and how little we've progressed!" Oooh what an outcry it's caused! Ummm… uhhh… ummm… forget the all important proud2 debate, this is where it's at mate! 

"How can you half expect something?
It's just a turn of phrase.
How do you turn a phrase? "

"It really doesn't matter where you're from… as long we're all the same religion"
Both FG

""You want magic, make it f%^&in happen…"

So as the whole of the 'dance' music world decamps for what is probaly the most 'conference' electronic music conference of the year, i.e. people don't just get absolutely smashed for 4 days, the 'world' has got it's collective forum/social network knickers in a tizz about a big space with a mobile affiliation and a some black plastic. Let's swerve both of them. Oh no hang on, just check this ridiculousness!! 

So the Stone Roses back together. I am genuinely excited, even tho they have a collective age of about 600, it's faintly ridiculous and Brown has a massive divorce bill to pay.. people be hating on em too (said in a Stuy from Family Guy voice)…Oh and the ex-Sugababes are reforming Sugababes… ummm… is this just getting ridiculous. What music culture do we have left?

Google music – reinforcing what people have been saying of late that the difference between Google and facebook is that facebook is a platforma and Google is a series of applications, not very well linked. Ooh contentious!

Smoke this Kryoman

Heard rumours a Mr Heckle is going to be gracing some steely wheels soon at a place near you… mmm, check this lushness:

Blimey, didn't know about Frankie Knuckles & his foot… or the fact he lost one:

We live in an age of the TechHouseBarry

So I always find myself updating the site proper watching The Album Chart Show late on a Wednesday, pretty much swearing at the screen in incredulity of shite that fills our airwave. Ummm… Joe Jonas??! What? Who?? Jessie J scenario… Who is he and why do people care that he's now entering his 'serious' stage? God there's no hope I tell you!

Sirte falls… I don't know what else to say on that. Just been going on and on hasn't it. Surely it'd make more sense to report on the East African crisis wouldn't it? It's still going on, contrary to the out of sight out of mind 'tude.

Look's like my cat's been doing a spot of moonlighting. Bad aids cat… oh did I mention my cat had FIV… I said it to someone the other day and they said I'd never mentioned it on here… well I have OK… I've said it. Someone also said recently that when I started talking about my cat, then I'd run out of things to say… beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

"GINGIVITIS!" (yes, another FG quote. full of em today!


Right, I'm off to the enjoy the enduring cold and endearingly bright sunshine of the outside…