This Week 18/3


“the mathematical equation for ransom note is…”

Ah you think you’ve lost all inspiration and along comes Louis with a selection of absolute belting links of weird sht and you’re saved. It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy. Good music, sht jumpers, odd links, nice food, 6music, nice weather, (nice, don’t you hate the word nice to describe something? it doesn’t actually describe anything – note to self, make conscious effort to stop using), my cat… but enough of what a simple man I think I am. Maybe that’s just a romantic notion I have… but really, how good is London when the sun shines eh? I just looked at the walks recommended on the front of Time Out this week… admittedly they’re a little uninspired/adventurous but I appreciate the sentiment… it got me to thinking that Ian may even deliver one of those elusive dog walking blogs he’s been threatening for… ooh months now! Ya never know ya know.

You’ll have to excuse my dribblings this week, sentence forming is still quite difficult after Bloc last weekend. What a weekend tho… was so massive and minehead is well lush too. We seemed to spend a fair amount of breakfasting time in the local Wetherspoons after we found out they opened for breakfast at 8 and served booze from 9… massive. If you didn’t go this year… go next year. So good. When the sun is shining, Minehead is the new Barcelona… almost! Salt N’ Pepa on Saturday were amazing. Pulled me out of my massive hangover in about 5 seconds flat. They don’t even look that old. Spinderella’s still well fit! Ellen Allien was massive too, so was Radioactive Man, so was Derrick May so was pretty much everyone I saw… well apart from Mixmaster Mike who was Jive Bunny. Bloc TV was amazing too… some highlights further below.

Check this out from Louis – Tree Branch Falls on Power Lines – completely amazing. Read more this wkAdding O2 to booze lessens the nasty after effects – get drunk at lunch time and sober up by the time you have to go back to work? Is that a) right, b) good? Interesting tho! fancy dress for dogs – people are wrong

Did you see the the Real Miami Vice on the More4 earlier in the week? Pretty mental. save the ICA – what a massive shame if they were to do away with that… seend such amazing stuff there over the years! Wanted: space for The Foundry to relocate. Apparently there’s plans to cut off people’s broadband who illegally download – the cost to business has been 1.4bn so far with the loss of 39,000 jobs. The pirates will always win tho, according to the Carphone Warehouse

Massive Twin Peaks resurgence going on at the moment… ahh, I was there (am old). Keep forgetting to get my Screamadelica on a stamp. Better hurry up before I’m sorry. Ooh ooh, must go and see this exhibition at the Barbican with birds making music by Cleste Boursier-Mougenot – looks brilliant… and it’s free.

How’s that for a load of randomness eh? We should’ve called it the random note!

I have a great chain of links on a strange japanese cheerleading dance from Louis for next week. Run out of space again. massive.

Right, see you down 3rd party on Sat then… eh, eh!

de 3rd…

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