This Week 17/6


“You should write more about the plight of starving kittens in South Africa and the fact that they’ve spent more money on football stadiums than saving starving kittens and less about yourself…..”

So says my brother about this them there note. Apparently he gets bored of me talking about myself all the time… Hmm, right! Not about yourself? Umm… errr… I’m eating some banana cake that fin moaned about me not eating on the plane yesterday? Nup, that’s talking about myself… I got woken by the builders @ 7 o clock this morning, supposed to be on bloody holiday! yup, still talking about yourself… I can’t wait for this afternoon @ Sonar… yup, still me and my feelings. I don’t think I can write this thing without ‘not’ talking about myself… christ, now I feel like a bloody rave Bridget Jones or something! I’ve just been informed that Bridget Jones isn’t actually real… tho Fin contests that she is real… he’s definitely seen the documentary on TV at some point.

OK, so World Cup? We’re a bit average… par for course. Every other games has pretty much been a draw – even New Zealand!! – apart from the clear favourites who were beaten by… ahem… Switzerland! World Cup = good. Horns. = Bad. Now you can cancel them out. Look see here. That’s my brother’s addition to me not talking about myself.

“That is literally the longest sleep I’ve had in about 2 weeks… no wonder I feel weird!” said a not so exhausted anymore Finbar as he walked past me a minute ago. Aforementioned person forgot to leave something at home so had to imbibe at Stansted last night… that was an entertaining flight for me! So after the passport debacle from mr bar and a diversion via Geneva we’ve actually made it to this there ar son (sonar if i’m too annoying for you)… just need to go get on it now!

Basically I’d like to dedicate the rest of this note to Finbar’s ramblings from the plane last night:

Biscuits – Fin’s been trying to instigate a debate between which are the best, Tuc or Cheddars… I think there’s a unanimous Cheddars vibe going on over here. Although he’s actually not happy about the entire debate as he feels it should encompass a sweeter biscuit option in here. Anyway…

Recently he’s been trying to put the Great back in Yarmouth… we’ll see how far he gets on that tip over the weekend.

So Fin, what’s jumped out at you this week? “Umm… stalkers.”

Right then, forward! I’ll keep you posted on comedy sun-burn. It’s no wonder Barcelona hates tourists.

Nevermind we’re off to see none other than Pete Tong – playing trance hopefully – at 4 today… followed by “cut up chunks of jazz, disco, calypso or whatever…” from Round Table Knights, followed by some “1-bit music”… I have absolutely no idea what that is, sounds very bad or… quite good. And then ending up with a bit of Caribou and Broadcast… jolly good then!

One final thing, Facebook’s well ffffed – can you believe there’s a group for Oxford St… I’m mean for fffss sake… I had to go there the other day and it was one of the most distressing experiences of late. On a facebook tip and a weekend related one. The rave gown’s making another outing… and not just on me, eh Lucy?! You may not actually be able to see that so maybe look see here

Anyway, I hope it was raining out last night. either that or i’ve definitely pssed my pants… thanks Fin.

Right… let’s go fill our brains with electronic goodness!


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