This Week 15/4


“All equilibrists are mediocre”

Right… bored of the election already, teeth feel like someone’s inserted burning spears covered in sulphuric acid into them… still least the weather’s been pretty lush hasn’t it?

In far more important news, get out and support your local record shop on sat for record store day… quick before it’s too late – ian just told me rhythm division has just shut down… shite – bang goes the dog-walking blog from him. by the time he sorts that out they’ll all be gone! Alan Mcgee finally loses it: All hail Susan Boyle the cool new diva of our age – bemoaning the fact her album was so cruelly panned. Quite a good articleactually.

Valleys woman jailed for harassing Freddy Mercury impersonator – nice. Thanks Lionel. So, the pope tried to cover up a priest bumming some kids in America way back when… really? really? seriously… that comes as such a surprise. Mmm bibimbap

Really, really must go and see that Celeste Boursier-Mougenot bird music exhibition before it’s too late! Pretty average the Van Doesburg exhibition at the Tate the other week – but i got my quote at the top for this week from it… so that’s nice then. Amazing 50′s swimsuit alphabet too actually… that was about it!

So as Chelsea dispensed with Villa & Pompei did away with Spur we’re defo getting a Tory govt according to last week’s Sweet FA statistics then after… jolly good then. Ridiculous article – do gays make better music than straights? Dunno if you can see this but check out this thread on fakebook – quite funny. Ta Deb.

Tory manifesto… funny bit about 3rd time for benefit cheats. The propose that third time benefit fraudsters should be stripped of benefits for up to three years. The BBC discovered that the number of people the DWP knows of recently found guilty of benefit fraud for the third time is … zero. Nice work.
Oh blah, blah, blah…god I’m bored of the election already. Don’t want either of em, Nick Clegg’s faceles… bring on the hung parliament, that’s what I say.

So with the digital economy bill rushed through before the dissolution of parliament we’re essentially – amongst other things in this pretty shocking bill – handing the govt. power to censor the internet. Quite right too I say. China/Australia here we come. Speaking of China, god not another earthquake! This time in Tibet. Jesus.

Looks like they’re going to have relay the Wembley pitch for the 11th time since the new stadium opened – good work. Only costs 125,000 per pitch…Daniel kitson at players theatre doing 66a church road – get in quick. I support 5 wacky girls raising awareness for The Hepatitis C Trust – Kelly Love’s fundraising thing. Confirmed guests so far Luca.C and Ali Love / Damon (Disco Bloodbath) / Jonny Bain

Big weekend ahead. Charity Shoppe down the superstore & Time & Space Machine album launch @ CAMP on Fri, last ever DDD, need2soul & the record store day 3rd Party special down the George… massive!

As ever, thanks for listening to my drivel. I’m off to try and sleep before I go get my teeth drilled… stupid links service will resume next week when I have the pain taken away and the humour returned!

Musically I think I have a fair amount to impart this week tho… go check. Better still read Ian’s reviews this week, they’re ace. So’s Caribou, woo woo.

Lots of love, toothache of Bethnal Green/Dalston.


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