This Week 14/10


‘Bear facts announced yesterday…’ Paxman goes street

“Its like when Nike came out with ‘Just Do It’, and Reebok answered with ‘For Where Your Pants End’. Jon Stewart

“Never before has mankind ever retrieved someone from 2000 metres under the ground alive!” Jon Snow

Wow, quite amazing that wasn’t it? Watching the whole thing live… super amazing this thing called new technology int it. Not seen anything capture the whole world like that. Sorry, but why they always wheel out Dr Peter Collett to nosh on about the psychology of whatever trauma victim we’re talking about. Have you actually listened to him? How the hell do people get paid to do something like that? Anyway… don’t kill the mood Wil!

So, pretty much sweater season again… yes mate!! Can’t wait to start busting out the barrys all over again… what’s that’s you say mate, you live in Dalston?

Soup time too…don’t try s****bury’s carrot and corriander (searches for image, who does it return but mcnoshworthy) organic version… s’rubbish! Well tasteless it is. Been well getting into stupidly strong cheeses of late. Got this Saint Agur this morning…pretty sure I’m seeing tracey, I mean traces at the moment.

Arnie @ 10 Downing Street… sweet jesus lord, we’re all doomed!! Tax relief rate for pensions slashed to 50,000, 100,000 people will be affected!! Jesus, it’s a scandal! 65 million people in this country? So that affects 0.15% of the population… headline news affecting your average joe on the street I’d say. Let’s start a fakebook group henceforth!

Got a case of the Kylies? Can’t get that song out of your head. Unhear it then… thanks!

I’d like to kill myself via caffeine. Could you please calculate how much of my chosen caffeinated beverage I need to drink please.So I was having a conversation with my mum the other day where she was saying how the whole office side of the computer revolution actually made things take a lot longer for her… and i’m like yeah, yeah whatever you’re a luddite, doesn’t for me… but actually this week, the whole technology thing has been the bane of my life (I mean, look at the time I’m sending this out?). Installing my new monitor/keyboard and learning to use it all has actually meant everything’s taken twice as long. Yeah, yeah Wil whatever… try to say something on the state on technology… failing!

696 amended… Rob tells me I’m well late on this… not my fault I don’t avidly read ‘licensing weekly’ every week! Actually I’m not sure Rob does either, or indeed if that publication actually exists… but anyway. Strictly email me anyway mate. Words in print?? What’s that then. Check Matthias’ excellent article on the revival of publishing elsewhere on this humble publication.

Wine has life giving properties – it’s official the label says so.

Back on technology: New monitor… must be careful with the cat

Dunno bout you but I’m a pastafarian mate!

Sandstorm lights techno – darude revival… yes!!

Steve Jobs tells Nike main-man; “get rid of the crappy stuf”.

Another wednesday night, another food on channel 4 and blah blah. Good they highlight the whole ‘Freedom Foods’ debacle. I didn’t know that Free Range has to be independently certified but to be labelled freedom foods by the RSPCA you have to pay money to them to become a member. A membership club for animal welfare? Interest conflict of?
Ooh the campaign for nobbly fruit – like that one.

Remember Dreadzone? Just read some blurb I was just sent. Did you know that Mel b, Denise Van Outen and Goldfrapp were all backing singers for them…? what the ffffff?! b’jesus…

Myspace new logo – ha!

“What were those mad animated online cat / animal things with big mouths that sang mad songs? I think they made it on to tv as well. Found em: Moon Song. Hasnt aged at all . . . oh sorry I meant to say it has . . . considerably,”

Aphex in beefa on vice – relive the balearia mate…

Banksy does the Simpsons opening sequence – cor blimey guv, mitchell’s been supplying me with some bangers this week.

Liverpool out of receivership, in receivership, out of receivership, in, out… blah blah! They’re now on shorter odds to get relegated than Everton.

Nice video from ninja tune’s party at ewer st last weekend:

Right, time I got off. T’would be so nice to have all the time in the world to look at fun stuff on ver web like wunt it? One day gadget, one day…

Good weekend all… Ivan Smagghe all night, yeah baby! Get an exclusive edit of his to download all to yourself elsewhere on this them there R$N. Get yer tickets too mate.. you’ll regret it if you don’t! Over West? HVN JBX mate… hit it!


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