This Week 14/4


“I’m always here to listen to nurses” Andrew Lansley

“You’ve got Muslamic Ray Guns, got Muslamic ray-guns…” EDL

“Come on Sonya, let’s be appalling!” Alan Partridge

“F****** what, what, f****** hell.” Mr. W. Rooney exercises poetic license.

“Hey mate I’m confused because i’m an EDL supporter but I also like this song. I’m not thick, I know you’re taking the piss but its? good. We’re not all idiots by the way!” BinRaiderBruce 1 day ago 5

“I won’t stand again” Berlusconi. But can I just f%$ with your legal system before I go…

“The junk mountain grows by the day. If your home is anything like mine, it contains several rarely explored crannies stashed full of archaic chargers, defunct cables, and freshly antiquated gizmos whose sole useful function in 2011 is to make 2005 feel like 1926, simply by looking big and dull and impossibly lumpen.” Charlie Brooker

Ah, blighty how I missed thee. What a wonderful place you are. For all I moan and mumble about it, when you go away you realise its amazing-ness…
The ‘coalition’ might be ripping our national health service apart at the seams (but Lansley is sorry about that) and tearing the very fabric of our existence in two, ‘big society’ limb by ‘big society’ limb… but I was talking to someone the other day who was saying it’s going be one of the most interesting times to live through as people start to kick against it all again…

Right, like an in-articulate Rooney, we blurt on through.

Knowledgeable surfer

Excellent Internet censorship and surveillance graph.


A to End of unicode. Play loud. Squarepusher eat your heart out. Really gets going on the chinese symbols around 6 mins.

I don’t know what to say about this one: Tourettes Karaoke R.E.M’s ‘Losing my religion’

Egypt’s White Desert

Follow the Mark Zuckerberg hacking trail

Check the Sven Panel – big.

The year 2000 as envisioned in 1910

Thank you for requesting to have a discussion. “This is not a discussion. I will not talk to you about this topic”

10 phrases you won’t learn in Spanish class – Andte a la mierda Literal translation: Walk yourself to the shit.

Following the radiation dosage chart from a few weeks back… here’s another one.

Facebook is like a jail

Lama… attack!

Right, I’m off to nick a Chilean pen.

Don’t forget Record Store Day this Saturday… go and buy something, whatever it is and keep the beating heart of ears going. Personally, I’m going to download Ewan Pearson vs Weatherall back 2 back… find out what they all and go and buy them all. Soooo good.


And the auto-tuned response courtesy of quaidos:


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