This Week 14/10


Yeah, yeah I know, I know… I'm late…
Total inter(net)al breakdown this week has hindered deliverance. 
Still, it's been a banger of a week… completely neglecting any interest that's been going on in Liam Fox's best mate's world and getting out and enjoying all the incredibilities of the Autmnal season that's taking hold. The inMotion series launch on Saturday in Bristol showed me for the second week in a row the amazing beating heart of clubland outside of the capital.  Wednesday, The Horrors watching Mitcho's very fine new signing Toy in support – check em here: Great band! X Then Wevvers on a pod on the London Eye courtesy of RBMA – read beatless balearic first half of rotation coupled with gratis booze ingestion followed by um cha um cha = super fun! Mr David Rodigan at the afters was amazing also. 

Right, I best get on and try and get this out to you. 
I'll add more to this old gubbins shortly but for now… how about a bit of Tanganyika Laughter Epidemic – got no idea how I ended up looking at that.

Creepy wiki – just weird.

Nice to see Mr N. Gallagher back… obviously didn't want to be there but always good for a soundbite n' all that.

One in 6 six mobile phones have poo on them… basically!

More soon.

Love, Gary x x