This Week 13/01


“There are not many mingers who make it onto TV in their 20s and 30s!!” Nick ‘no-longer crimewatch’ Ross talking about lady getting sacked for being old on bbc.

“There was a period of remorse and apology for banks. I think that period is over,” Bob Diamond

“Paolo, there seems to be about a 7 or 8 second delay…” Painful TV to watch bbc news man interviewing this bloke in them there space!

Are you from Northern Island? I like the murals on the ends of the houses of men in balaclavas with tommy guns. It must be like living amongst lots of Banksys, but Banksys who want to kill people that live near them. Mid Morning Matters

“Four are held in Irish pork probe.” BBC

“Rob Star becoming the Peter Stringfellow of the noughties” ‘Rocking’ Faith Fanzine

Cold, check… Grey skies check. To be fair I’ve not been too down about them this year. Berocca in the morning followed by an inordinate amounts of tea seems to put paid to this quite nicely.

Did you know you can spend a year in jail and still come out and take up your post as a member of parliament? I didn’t till this week. Maybe not for you Mr Eric Illsey, mwwaahhhaaahaa. Have you noticed how his head is triangular?! Oh, what’s that you’ve just resigned? Ah mate, I’m sorry…

Anyway, pleased I just paid a cheque into Barclays… was worried for a minute there Bob Diamond wouldn’t get his bonus this year. Phew, least I’m doing my bit… I think we all should. Interesting article in the Independent tho asking Why is all our fury directed at Bob Diamond and the ‘fat cat’ bankers? Also very good article about Bonuses en le guardian yesterday.

In breaking news!! They’ve done away with the roundabout at the top of Hoxton st and turned it into a junction instead… fooled me this morning on my bike, I tell you!

Country democracy index. Amazed at how high up Australia comes and how far down the UK is. I was thinking of grabbing a bit of sun out in Tunisia next month… had no idea it scored so badly. Funny, as I was looking at this the other night, Trevor ‘I love hearing myself talk’ Mcdonald popped up on the TV talking about Tunisia and the secret mediterranean. Not that funny, I know but… you know… funny. Also, check how high up China comes… comparatively.

Save the Bees

Cheeky girl cautioned for shop lifting. massive.

Truly tripped out mix from Mr Weatherall. Fully downloadable from ere like. Woke me up so perfectly this morning, tho on the flip-side a friend commented “it scared everyone in the office to the point that i had to turn it off!!” Pick your moment.

Starlings drank themselves to death…. died of alcohol poisoning! Poor birds.

While we’re on the avian tip. Caledonian Crows can use 3 tools.

Been rather slow on the uptake of Mr Partridge’s ‘Mid Morning Matters’. 6 x 13 minutes of awkwardness = absolute gold. “Keep your clubs away from his young, its Seal.

Depending on your point of view, Bernard Matthews is either responsible for the biggest ornithological genocide of recent times or hes the greatest farmyard to table strategist of the last one hundred years.

Oh chuckle… I’ve just sat here chuckling to myself, looking like a mentalist and kind of hyper ventilated – (Smelling wine) “ooooh i was slightly hyper-ventilating then.usually leads to panic attacks.Jesus not now.

Christ, Steve Lamacq playing Kraftwerk’s The Model yesterday afternoon on 6music… amazing record don’t get me wrong but ahh Steve-o, always a couple of years behind in your revival records. Stick to mid 90s indie mate. :)

Is it now bad practice to write happy new year? At what point does one stopping wishing others happy new year? Let’s draw that line in the sand today shall we?

Jesus, it’s getting late innit? Well behind today… sorry!

Right, I’m off to try and get served some flu vaccine… have to nick someone’s ID! Sorry, not funny… but a ridiculous state of affairs to be in nonetheless.

If you could make one species from animals extinct, which would it be and how would you do it? We have a text from Ted in Fakenham that simply says Cats. Hammers.


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