This Week… 11 days until you eat, drink and argue yourselves into oblivion


"Those who build walls are their own prisoners" – U.K. Le Guin

"The U.K. should begin with an F and have a C after the U, and it should end in E D Now that we’ve left the E.U." – H. Whitewolf

"Happiness lies within one's self, and the way to dig it out is cocaine." – A. Crowley

On the 14th day of This Week my true love said to me… WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH BREXIT. I said to my love that I haven't got the foggiest, perhaps eat some more chocolate and forget about it. My love told me to fuck off and go grab another bottle of wine from the shop. So I did and here we are. 11 days until Xmas. Still haven't done my shopping. Lost a tooth at the xmas party. Can't move for end of year tracklists from music press eager for one final slice of click-baiting. Here's what happened ove r the last seven days

Three politicians argueing (including the president of 'murca… Fair play for Pelosi and Schumer publicly bashing the Prezzie. Made him look like a right plonker.

Has your home been taken over by county lines drug gangs? If so, tell them to leave. If not, don't invite anyone else over for the next few months. You never know what anyone's intentions might be, even your friends… what if your friend never leaves, huh? You've been warned. look at the size of that bag!


Are you look forward to your Christmas dinner?… well don't, you're killing the planet!

Look at the giblets on that!

What shape is your head, m8? because… interbreeding with Neanderthals thousands of years ago has given some humans alive today more elongated brains

Hey m8…



Is your son okay? Kinda looks dead to me.

Hotel staff created a "horrifying" effigy of a couple's dead son in a misguided attempt at a tribute.

Government orders council taxpayers to pay extra for police as crime rises. Police funding settlement relies on council tax increase for £500m extra funding.


Pervy fuckers. Watch it here.

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