This Week 10/3


“People don’t buy cigarettes for the packaging.” FOREST. Well I do mate… I only buy cigarettes cos I like the gold packaging. It makes me feel cool.

“If I had a pound for every time the bloke in the seat behind me on the train has spewed forth the phrase ‘it’s cool, because it’s going viral’ on his current phone call that’s lasted 10 minutes, I’d have approximately 14 pounds.” D. White

“All my years I thought I was living in hell… but it gets so much worse!” Stuey FG

Running just to catch up…

I feel like I’ve regressed to student-dom again… can’t seem to be able to live with any sort of semblance these last few weeks since returning from NYC. Sandwich crusts on manky old plate on the bed, crusty rice on the floor. Jesus I think I preferred working in New York, even tho I was 5 hours behind… least I didn’t have a phone there. Trying to find some witty quote about running to catch up this week and all I could come across was some fkkin shtty website about running to catch up financially ‘before it’s too late’… oh fk off!!

Did you see that great little 3 mins post-channel 4 news on anti scientology rant. Scientologists are massive racists, blah de blah but summed the whole thing up rather excellently.

Kate Moss ignores smoking ban. I don’t know that I feel enough emotion either way today to give a comment on that. (Praise the lord, Wil doesn’t have an opinion on something).

So, 53% say we’re worse off than 3 months ago. Quite an amazingly odd statistic. Bring on the budget eh?!

Work longer for lower pensions
. Brilliant nice one mate.

I’ll interrupt this broadcast with some more fantastic L. Shepherd interludes, then some of my nonsense and then go on a rant about how rubbish my week’s been. Sound good? Nice, then let’s begin.
Good stuff first:

David Lynch cooks quinoa, with a frog moth interlude

All you ever wanted to know about Pac-Man Ghost psychology

“Q: What is your favourite thing in the world?
A: Ummm… Superheroes. Wait, I mean my family.”
A 4 year old answers your questions

Rock scissors paper

Strange person

How to make a cockroach dances to High Plains Drifter by the Beastie Boys

Now my nonsense:

Look at these amazing Beach Bubbles. I’m really rather partial to those fabric flyers at the moment so this is a rather nice accompaniment.

This is the Honey Badger – watch it run in slow motion.

I’m guessing my chalet at Snowbombing isn’t going to look like this.

Tokyo University creates touchable holograms

Guiness book of records holder for world’s most prolific cannibal.

What is the world’s funniest joke?

Now for my group therapy page… all I’ve had all week is people going on at me about this and that and how their lives are so difficult. I won’t for one minute deny that I don’t go on about mine all the time on here… aaaaalll the time but well y’know, that’s what you’re there for isn’t it? Isn’t it? Hello?? Helllllo? Right, good no-one’s there… I’m gonna get naked and dance around to Ray Mang – I know it’s a complete Tangerine Dream robbery but who cares, it’s the first thing that’s made me happy today. That and getting naked.

Can’t make my mind up about the new four tet track.

Pinnacles by Four Tet

I think this may very well be where he and I part company. He’s been straddling that amazing line by making obtuse dance music for some time now and the album last year was a lusherr and now everyone’s banging on about this… and I don’t think it’s that good! Sorry.
The Caribou track on the flip’s well nice tho:

Daphni – Ye Ye by Caribouband

Ooh and a nice Matthew Dear new track off the new EP for owt: Slowdance

Oh and a bit of the Dodgems that I heard whilst listening to East Village radio while I was out NYC way a couple weeks back.

Oooh, is the threat of summer and all the music it brings threatening to come save me from my midweek gloom??

Claude VonStroke tonight… oooh yeah then do one to Bloc first thing… Aphex… mmmmmmm.

Check the Detroit piece Quaidos and I have just written for Bloc. The Detroit Sound… oh yeah.

Good, that’s been some good group musical therapy… thanks.

Let’s do one. Thanks for your time.


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