This Week 1/9


“However far you may travel in this world, you will still occupy the same volume of space.”
Traditional U-Bororo saying taken from Will Self’s The Quantity Theory of Insanity
“Indeed, Chris Morris thank you very much indeed for bringing us up to date with this Paris summit on Libya.” As heard on BBC news just now. Was expecting some absurd mind-spill to occur any second then realised it wasn’t actually ‘Chris Morris’.

“Honestly, does he write this stuff or just slam the keyboard?” Sparkcaster on Aphex Twin 

Mercury Music Prize next Tuesday – my money’s still on Adele she still got that massive tax bill poor sausage. Go on Metronomy, you can do it… take the biffa down. 

Stitch the Gurkhas up that’s what I say… then go on boy, find Gadafi, go on. You’ll find him surrounded in marble up in the hills I reckon.  I don’t know if it’s the come down from the riots/Gadafi overthrow but I’ve stopped paying attention to the world of late. Every time the news is on the past few days it’s just pretty much all a massive regurgitation coupled with unemployment being really, really high… I guess this is what we call a recession. Notice how ‘credit crunch’ has disappeared. 

Bank holiday OK was it? Lovely weather eh? Sun shone on me all weekend… oh no, hang it didn’t. Surely September’s going to involve a massive amount of sun?

Think I should stop trying to write about the ‘world’ and talk about stuff that has entered my sphere instead:

All the promos I’ve been sent this week just sound like French House circa Roule, not that there’s owt wrong with that – other than that I’m obviously old when things start coming full circle – but… that new L-Vis track even has the Daft Punk Burnin’ wee o wee o wee o wee oos on em.

Chris Cunningham & Aphex’s Monkey Drummer

Fergie isn’t pregnant, just really likes tacos

One of the biggest threats to major airlines isnt a low-cost competitor, but video conferencing. Avatar video conferencing.Is that exciting? I don’t know

Dirt Art

Double exposure portraits.

The world’s 10 biggest holes

Anonymous to destroy facebook on 5th November.

F&%^ Yourself in Electric Sheep.

The most famous fractal

Wow! Milky Way above the Himalayas

I know this is a long time late but I’m just trawling all my old emails and came across this about the riots from N.  UK riots: “Greedy, amoral, irresponsible Now who could that be?” “Is this really anarchy?” Interesting how this whole issue is falling off the radar quite quickly… to be replaced by unemployment and homelessness… I can see a pattern forming here!

Jesus Wil, stop sharing links, liking stuff, tweeting stuff, half ranting about things you know only small things about… go to a quiet place

Nice weekend all… looks like there might even be some sun out there!!