This Week 1/10


“Enjoy today, because tonight you may be in hell”
c/o my local christian in the shopping centre this morning…

“How big is Space?” “Mmm, bout 5000…”

Righto then… scuse the fragmentation of this week.
Beefa was truly massive… a holiday of epic proportions where almost everyone managed not to fall out… lora mercy.

Aphex @ Space
was completely, epicly (actually to be fair, an hour and a half isn’t exactly epic), massively, good… sweet jesus lord (I know, I know I’m off to hell) those lazers in the main room made me go mmm… oh my lord how good he was. Never did I expect to hear (albeit a massive fffed up) On in a massive club in beefa innit… Mr Jeff of Mills completely smashed it too. Seems to have done away with the whole record every 20 seconds and rained his style in a little (obviously only a little!)… but then maybe I haven’t been paying attention recently… and it was his dex n’ fx set. It was def one of the most cleverly programmed closing sets I’ve ever had the pleasure witness anyway… the 10 euro beers was what i liked most tho! 100% rise in booze price in 5 years… aaaanyway.

Truncated week this week… let’s start with the bitter rivalries over the discovery of the double-helix DNA letters.

North Korea primes new president – oooh, e’s a looker jus like is dad int e?!

“Vote for me and punch president obama in the balls… in baaaalls.” Jimmy Donn is clearly the obvious choice in the mid-terms. Don’t forget, today is Rally to Restore Sanity day today.

Ed was a bit of a surprise eh? Well he was to me… I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re both Rothchilds lovers n all that but he’s def the better of the two as opposed to T. Blair MK2. Must watch that Milliband of Brothers over the weekend.

My undying love for Talking Heads continues unabated… this week David Byrne talks on how architecture helped music evolve.

Extreme re-purposing… very good indeed.

Ooooh, extreme insects too!

The Invention of Dr Nakamats – must set a reminder for this next Tuesday, Channel 4. Check!

Hotel accidentally makes solar death ray.

Arcola theatre appeal.

Illuminati – politics explained

Wow, check out this guy who creates amazing art n stuff on the ends of pencils.

Select mix tape live at the social. ace cover mount cassette blog.

Hats of meat – jesus! thank luce

Owl in a hat – it is what it is.

No rest, no rest!

A lot soon come this weekend; terry farley down the star on friday then man make music come back on saturday, plus there’s the massive tensnake @ no fit state on saturday, plus hot natured (jamie jones/lee foss) at fabric… bigness indeed.

Right then… time to get yourself in gear


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