This Week 09/12


I dont have this thing of Ive had this thought, I must share it with the entire world. Ive not thought it through.. because Ive just had it! It will literally go from my head to the rest of the world without any kind of buffer/thinking it through or checking my facts or put it into any sort of perspective. Ive never understood why you would want to do that. The whole world is now just people, that years and years ago wouldve thought fuk wheres my fountain pen with the green ink oh fuk it I wont bother writing it then they calm down. Now the whole world is full of people with kind of virtual green ink pens being angry from y’know Hemel Hempstead or wherever.” Weatherall

Blimey… bit bloody late today eh?!

Must be all that Stollen that’s weighing me down! Jeez, you go away for a couple of days and spend the rest of the week catching up!! Barely worth it eh?!

Ah Berlin, Berlin… you don’t want to sound like a scratched record like every other british fkker that goes there but just 4 days there and I would quite happily move there tomorrow… R$N Berlin… R$N goes East… ooh, the possibilities are endless!! Is it right to have these thoughts out loud so soon?? I’m worried I’m sounding exactly like what Weatherall talks about above in the interview I did with him last week. Read it in full elsewhere on le R$N here.

So what’s been going on this neck o’ woods? Not really had time to pay it attention this week… first time in time. Life overtakes life…

Anonymous’ war on data partially taking down Visa/Mastercard. Pretty interesting stuff going on . Mr Mcquaid went through the wikileaks cables today. “Everyone’s been chatting about em, but why has no one mentioned this bad boy about Col Gadeffi’s eccentricties.” hmm, strangely stumbleupon won’t let me ‘like’ that one… coincidence? Profiling… mmmmprofiling… I can see you.

DIY avalanche in Dunfermeline.

A man who tried to petrol bomb a pub in West Sussex was caught by police after he ran into a lamppost making an escape – made me laugh anyway!

Auto correct very funny.. was just thinking there must be something like this – i’ve had no end of ballache with mine iphone jah recently!! and yes that was supposed to say ballache! ta mr brackpool.

Protest, ignore, protest, ignore… nothing changes. Tuition fee decision today. We shall see eh. Good ole Cleggy, kept to his word!

Right, I should get on and send this you eh… time for a bitta nonsense:

America in colour (not color) from 1939-43. Curious.

Some of this is quite good – when the links work! Only some of it mind. I know that’s not me doing my editorial duty but check some of it out anyway eh?! Monkey loves pigeon

Dive kingfisher dive.

Diet Coke vs Mentos

Right, I gots to get on… a lot more next week I promise… brain feels like it may explode right now! Check the full wevvers interview and a lot else besides all over this place… by that I mean the rest of the R$N. x

Oh and look I didn’t talk about the weather this week did I? Cept for the fact it snowed super proper in Berlin this weekend… right smarty pants (C) (k hunter), be off.

See you @ Weatherall on Sat… gonna be hugely massive. Check the hugely massive 8 track selection he did for us here. Arrive early for all the dub massive stylings!


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