The Death of Chivalry


There are many anti-evolutionary facets that have wormed their way into the fabric of our everyday lives for the greater good or to better society. From chemotherapy, which keeps cancer patients from becoming extinct, to stiletto heels which, as Im sure many women would attest to, are worth the effort of resisting our natural instincts of avoiding pain and bodily harm. Antibiotics, contraception, long-life milk, the list goes on.

Then there are those elements of life that parry evolution for no significant reason. Junk food, for example, presents the short term benefit of being delicious but has induced obesity in a billion adults worldwide, according to WHO. Obesity then becomes the root of many evils: politicians bickering over the overweight healthcare bills (excuse the pun) and a generation of people that cant fight or flight for their lives. The consequences are stark arguments for eradicating junk food.

Theres also the death of chivalry which, as with all other anti-evolutionary phenomenon, only seems to affect the human species. Male animals are chivalrous. Male penguins will be the ones building and guarding nests before and after the mating season; its the peacock that has to dress up and impress the peahen and, when worst comes to worst, dance for her; male lions are territorial and will fight off other male threats to protect his area and pride of lionesses. All of them do this for reproduction and the longevity of their species.

So, the question that constantly smacks me in the face when a man refuses to hold the door open is, why have human men stopped being courteous and romantic (that is pretty much all that chivalry consists of; its not as daunting as you think chaps)? Perhaps it is an unprecedented and inevitable consequence of gender equality. Many claim that it was the stiletto-clad women that stabbed chivalry in the foot in the first place after becoming more independent, career orientated and cavalier about most things. The attitude is: if she can vote, she can choose who she wants to sleep with too.

What we are then left with is a shattered glass ceiling and more single women. According to Pew Research Centre, men are now more likely to marry women richer and more educated than themselves. Since we have surpassed them on these platforms, men have become intimidated by this new generation of alpha-women. So, first thing to fly out the window is chivalry.

Yet, I remain convinced by this argument: why does it reduce to a brutal choice that I have to make between work and play? Saying we killed chivalry because we wanted more equality is like saying that homosexuals have to choose between being accepted into society and having the right to be legally married. Oh, wait, that is an issue for the far right who coincidentally claim that homosexuality too is unnatural and anti-evolutionary.

Dont get me wrong: I will support any anti-evolutionary occurrence if it produces the greatest good for the greatest number. Like chemotherapy. But, like junk food, the lack of chivalry is clearly detrimental to society because women still expect little romantic gestures and men wont make it happen. Bring it back, at least for evolutions sake!