Stop The Corporate Takeover!


We can take a huge step to stop officials handing greedy corporations the keys to our democracy (no, it doesn't involve moaning on social media). The TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) trade agreement would let big business challenge our laws in secret courts, and allow bee-killing pesticides, gas guzzling cars and GM genetically modified foods into our country. This would also make NHS privatisation irreversible. Now if the European Parliamant vote the right way next Wednesday, we can stop this madness! 

London and other EU capitals are already crawling with corporate lobbyists — now they see this as a chance to strengthen their grip on decisions that affect us all, every day. TTIP could allow private firms to sue the government if decisions go against them. More trade between the EU and the US could be beneficial, but not at the expense of citizens' rights! (now that's not right, right? Right.) 

A lot of organisations in the UK and across the EU have come together to build the huge, united opposition this fight needs. Let's help them get their joint petition to 2.5 million. Start spreading the message and sign the petition here to help! 

For more information on the battle against TTIP click here.