Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike Interviews Bernie Sanders – Video


Last year, Run the Jewels MC Killer Mike gained wide spread respect with his essay on the shooting of black teenager Michael Brown by American police. Since then he has become something of a figurehead for young American's looking to get involved in politics – so it makes perfect sense that he should interview Democratic Presedential candidate Bernie Sanders. Sanders is the closest thing America has to a Jeremy Corbyn figure – big business hate him, the press demonises him, and no one seems to be able to figure out why someone esposuing the kind of left wing politics that were supposedly killed off by Reagan and Thatcher in the 80s can gain such popularity with the public. 

Sitting face to face in an Atlanta barbershop, Mike and Sanders talk everything from gun control to the American democratic process – it's an illuminating and relatively unfiltered chance to see the mindset of Sanders; a man who would run the country that still runs the world. Watch below over six parts.