Round 2 Of Retro Gaming At The Little Yellow Door


Playstation 1, Nintendo 64, Sega Mega Drive and Xbox are coming into the realms of being retro consoles believe it or not. Was it THAT long ago? Really? So, for the second time, The Little Yellow Door is hosting a retro games night on 19th August where groups play against each other to win the ultimate bragging rights and a £100 bar tab. Drink-driving is okay on Mario Kart, we promise.

Teams of up to 4 people can buy a total of one hour gaming divided between 2 consoles, a fish tank sharer cocktail and a selection of the Wandering Chef's finest bar foods. The winners of the round can put on member of their team forward to compete against the other teams to win the prize but this isn't all plain driving, the referee might throw the odd banana into the mix to spice things up a little. Practice your Goldeneye, Mario and virtual football skills at home for the ultimate night of drinking, driving and gaming. 

Get your tickets here for the retro gaming night at The Little Yellow Door on the 19th of August here