Random Slices #18


Light Show at The Haywood

When I was a child, my mum and dad had a friend who was on the wrong side of barking mad after a lifetime of LSD consumption. Let’s call him Tim. Tim was delusional, frequently incoherent and, looking back, pretty dangerous. But he was an artist, and a good one. His speciality was working with light, specifically creating home-made light shows that worked in a totally random sequence. They were something to behold and gave me a life long love of lights and lasers. So, I’ll be up the front at The Haywood where the new Light Show exhibition is getting rave reviews – a collection of light works from a group of 22 artists. Look out for Tim, muscling in with his unofficial addition to the exhibition.
On 1st February The Shard opens up it’s viewing gallery so members of the public can give themselves horrific waves of nauseating vertigo. Sounds great. Truth be told, the view across London will be second to none (as long as it isn’t cloudy or rainy so, well, in that case the view will be shit for 9/10ths of the year but, er, anyway) and after the massive success of The Shard’s laser show to mark it’s opening (haha!) you know this isn’t going to be a let down. But, more importantly, it costs a bomb to get up to the viewing area (£25) so it’s going to single handedly save the UK economy AND give the whimpering, no good benefit spongers some kind of motivation to get back into work so they can afford to get up to the viewing platform and hopefully (incoming data confusion from the conservative party…) throw themselves off in the process. Cheers to that, old boy.
We featured an interview with Victoria Topping on these very pages a couple of weeks back and this joint exhibition with David Addison in Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, opening on 1st February, sees the pair displaying their new works in the city they both cut their teeth in as artists working on the local club and music scenes before flying further afield  (Topping to London and Addison to Berlin). So a homecoming for two of the freshest artists on the scene, it’s going to be great and if you’re anywhere near the west country you should get down to this and witness two bright stars of the art world before they go super nova.