Random $lices


In the first of a new weekly series, R$N boil their own brains to bring you a streamlined mini compendium of random doings and goings on, in order that you may remain entertained at all times. Life is a cabaret, after all…

Get a fake ID and go to Rinse at Tate Tanks
Rinse FM become proper adults on their eighteenth birthday, with a takeover of the Tate Modern’s new Tate Tanks space on Saturday evening. It’s part of the Undercurrent events series for young people, which the Tate have bracketed as 15-25, which is a real shame because it pushes R$N way out into the ‘old people’ category. Anyway, the Rinse takeover starts at 7pm on Saturday, and before that, during the day, there is Dubmorphology: dis.so.nance, a multimedia event which utilizes the ‘volumetric geometry, acoustic sonic quality and surface texture of the materials in the Tanks’ and involves a dub bassist and other sonic adventurers. 
More info on the Undercurrent series
Get drunk and famous at Behind This Wall
Record fair, open decks, cocktail soiree and a chance to foist your demo on a load of independent label a&r folk. Bingo. Behind This Wall is a one day ‘festival’ taking place in 360 at Netil house on Saturday 18th August, and is a celebration of all things independent and analogue – the labels representing and hosting stalls, such as Eglo, are committed to the vinyl format and to the spirit of independence. This is also reflected in the fact that the open decks part of the day (anyone can play a few records, as long as they sign up first) is strictly vinyl only. My advice would be to get down early, get stuck into the cocktails, drunkenly buy some records, even more drunkenly attempt to play them on the open decks, then paralytically shove a cdr of your latest Reason made, ‘chicago inspired‘ masterpiece into the hands of anyone who’ll listen. You’ll be playing in Ibiza before the end of the season. 
Eat Fucking Good Thai Food
Thai food, I hear you sigh, is so played out. It’s been everywhere forever: I once had a thai mcchicken burger with sate sauce and cucumber in Amsterdam, for instance – a low point. You can’t move in London for dull, generic Thai restaurants. Which is why a really, really good Thai restaurant is something to shout about, and one of the very best is Bangkok Kitchen in Southwark. It’s small, friendly and the food stands out a mile from the thronging crowd. It’s still relatively unknown and therefore pleasantly uncrowded. So don’t tell everyone and go ruining it. In fact, don’t go at all, it’s rubbish.

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