Pr Agency Tries To Emulate The ‘Aphex Twin’ Effect


The blue sky thinking PR gurus at #Amazeballs PR have come up with a unique scheme to bolster the failing public profile of a number of leading brands. Titled "Aphex Win" the company has "reached out" to a number of celebrities to offer their services, initially drawing commissions from some surprisingly high profile clients.

"What Aphex Twin did was just, like amazing" enthused company spokesman Jeff Jeff from his desk / ball-pool combo.

"Like he got some 2 year old to run his art campaign and eveyone was all 'dayum babez Aphex Twin is HAWT' and everyone on twitter was talking about him even though he looks like a bulimic Tudor catwitch. I'm telling you, that shit changed everything. Everything."

in response, #Amazeballs have introduced a series of photos to demonstrate their new marketing strategy –

"Admittedly some of our clients are unpopular right now," Jeff added "but we're here to change it, right? Like Hitler was a vegetarian, yeah?"



Kim Aphex Win




The Ebola virus:

"Once I've worked out how to get a fucking zepplin up with Ed Millibands mug on it we'll be laughing." Jeff added.