Physical discovery workshop to take place inside UK’s largest tunnel


Taking place in Drakelow Tunnels, the largest underground tunnel complex in the UK, on Saturday 27th April, Escaping Plato's Cave is an all-day workshop exploring one's own sense of self.

Developed and facilitated by Mount Analogue UK, the day will begin with a session on a Lucia no.3 hypnagogic light machine before participants are invited to take part in a mixed reality experience called 'Seventh Ray'. This explores the combined power of drama with the particular state of awareness one feels when they fully inhabit a mixed reality. 

Following this there will be a Neurosycholytic workshop looking at the benefits of the Lucia no.3 hypnagogic light machine combined with breathing techniques, and an opportunity to use a dream machine. The day will conclude with a chance for participants to individually take part in an experiment around precognition; the psychic ability to have foreknowledge about the future.

Guided by author Anthony Peake, this immersive event is a unique opportunity to explore virtual reality, hypnagogic experience and breathwork.

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