Petition Launched To Silence Tony Blair


With the ever-increasing popularity of internet petitions gaining momentum one opportunist has taken his chance to attempt to publicly silence former PM Tony Blair. Ben White of Cambridge has already racked up over 800 signature for his petition entitled 'Never speak or write in public ever again about anything.' which he fully intends to send to the Blair household.

The petition already features comments such as 'Only time he should ever offer his opinion is in the dock at the Hague as he attempts to defend himself.' and 'The injustice of this murderer and liar still being at large is galling. The effects of his warmongering actions still inflicting deaths and blood is horrific.'.

While this petition is not the most obvious approach to the situation, many of us would be relieved if Blair were to never again feature in our lives.

You can add your name to the petition here.