Mumbai Pizza Outlet Delivers Food By Drone


Mumbai, India, has seen a particularly enterprising pizza outlet sort out the world's first drone-delivered fast food. The company, Francesco Pizza, claim to be have been the first to do such a thing, and unless the American's have been chucking in a couple of deep crusts to soften the blow when they bomb some poor sods out of existence in Yemen, we're inclined to believe them.

The company posted a video to Youtube showing the 4 -rotor drone taking off from Pizza HQ and flying the pizza over to a vaguely smug guy living at the top of a tower block. As the drone passes over head, children and adults point in delight and wonderment – personally, if I was in India and I saw a drone with an unidentified box bearing down on me I'd probably plump for shitting myself and running, but then I'm an irredeemable coward.

Whilst the technology isn't currently financially viable – the company revealed that the drone cost around $2,000 – the video would suggest that the gap between drones delivering services has just substantially narrowed. Last year Amazon pledged to deliver books to hard to reach spots worldwide via drone – it seems the gauntlet has been laid down.