Michoacan (dfa)


DFA have always had a thumb wedged in the disco pie, way before the current crop of scenesters had started enraging purists. Its good to see the label back in mirrorball territory on their last few releases, with this strange, woozy, late night throbber being the latest of these. The track is a curious mix of the old and newthe funk bass and chico vocals (sounding a touch like James Murphy may have provided em) are pure classic Harlem, as is the slow pacing and whooshing dubbed out special effects. The modernity comes in the form of intoxicated drums, percussion lurching back and forth in pitch and placing, giving the track an unsettled bedrock on which to build its ever swirling psychedelia. Clap Rules provide a chunkier remix that opens with a screeching violin that gave my dog a funny turn, a faster tempo and a generally less freaky, more straight dance floor vibe. A decent release.

Ian Mcquaid